Hi, I'm Ashton, a 30-something-year-old former television news producer turned magazine publisher with what some might call an unhealthy addiction to Mountain Dew.

My husband, Chris, and I live in what's called the Wiregrass. We've been married since 2012 and have a beautiful little girl, Alexis, a cat named Cooper and a dog named Jackson.

After spending nearly a decade working as a news producer for a local television station, I'm now the publisher of Wiregrass Parents magazine.

As a mom and journalist, I have a unique perspective on most things. What started as a blog about my job has turned into a lifestyle blog with a dash of fashion.

What to Expect


I am not a traditional fashion blogger. I shop sales and have been known to stalk a piece of clothing for months before finally buying it. I rarely 'stage' outfits. I prefer to share outfits I've actually worn in real life. My photographer is my husband and occasionally my daughter, and I'm not afraid to share pictures I took in front of my mirror.


Motherhood is an adventure, y'all, and I love sharing them with you. From gift guides to recipes to activity guides and more, you can count on me to go the extra mile. I put my journalism skills to work researching topics and products so you don't have to!


I've known I wanted to be a journalist since I was in middle school. My career path took a left turn after college when I accepted a producing job at a local television news station, but nine years later I found myself wanting a change. I took a huge leap of faith and started a magazine. All along the way I've shared the behind-the-scenes process, and I don't plan on stopping anytime soon.


I use affiliate programs and take on sponsorships as a way to be compensated for the time and energy I put into this blog. All opinions expressed in those posts are always my own. Here's how it works:

Affiliate Links -- I use pay-per-purchase programs, which means I earn a commission every time you purchase through a link. It should be noted that I don't limit my posts or shopping habits to the programs I'm part of so every link I share is not an affiliate link.

Sponsorships -- I'm open to collaborating with companies to review items, host giveaways, or feature items received as gifts (indicated in posts). I only collaborate with companies that I feel are of interest to you guys.

Let's Talk
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