2024 One Woman Book Club

by - January 03, 2024

Last year I started my own personal book club. The goal was to tackle some of the titles that have been taking up space on my TBR list. Out of the twelve books I picked, I read ten. I started my October pick but wasn't in the right headspace for what I had chosen so far ahead of time, and I didn't even crack the November book for the same reason. I haven't removed either book from my TBR list, but you won't see them make a re-appearance on this year's list either. Of the ten books I did read from last year's list, I enjoyed all but one.

I decided to continue my One Woman Book Club this year and spent several days perusing my TBR list to create this year's calendar. It's strictly fiction since I don't really enjoy non-fiction books. On it you'll find mystery, romance, historical fiction, and a bit of fantasy. I hope you'll join me on my reading journey!

12 Months of Reading with Mommy the Journalist

The Echo of Old Books
Author: Barbara Davis

Let's start the year with a book that pays homage to books! Ashlyn Greer is a rare book dealer, but her skills go deeper - she feels the echoes of the books' previous owners. She discovers a pair of seemingly-unpublished volumes, each inscribed with a startling incrimination and each telling different sides of a tragic romance. Ashlyn's gift turns to obsession as she sets out to solve the mystery of Hemi and Belle.

Fly With The Arrow
Author: Sarah K. L. Wilson

I hesitated before including this series starter on the list, but I am so intrigued by the story! This pirate romance is inspired by the tale of the infamous Bluebeard. Bluebeard has been claiming brides from the human world for centuries, and Izolda is his newest acquisition. Izolda's king wants her to act as his spy, and Bluebeard needs her to be his pawn in a fate-changing game...a game that all of Bluebeard's previous wives have failed.

The Woman in the Library
Author: Sulari Gentill

A best-selling crime author is working on a new book about a murder in the Boston Public Library. She's been sharing each chapter with her biggest fan and aspiring novelist, Leo, but he seems to know a little too much about murder.

Take What You Can Carry
Author: Gian Sardar

Olivia is a secretary at a Los Angeles newspaper, but she aspires to be a photojournalist. When she gets the opportunity to travel to northern Iraq for a wedding with her boyfriend, Olivia hopes to capture an image that lands her a job in the photo department. The trip, however, is not as safe as her boyfriend believed, and Olivia finds herself in a town that is under constant threat. It is there that she captures a tragic moment on film that more than just her own life.

Floating Twigs
Author: Charles Tabb

This has been on my TBR for awhile. When twelve-year-old Jack Turner adopts a starving dog named Bones, he promises his often-absent, alcoholic parents that he will get a job to pay for its food and care. While looking for work, he meets Hank and Mrs. Dawson, who become the parents Jack never had. When Hank is put on trial for a crime he didn't commit, everything Jack holds dear hangs in the balance.

The Three Mrs. Wrights
Author: Linda Keir

The title of this book should give you a pretty good idea about what it's about. Mr. Wright hasn't exactly been faithful. Not to Lark whose board-game company he's an investor in. Not to Jessica who he's invited to join his medical start-up. And certainly not to Holly,  his wife of twenty years with whom he shares three children and founded a charity. But Mr. Wright's lies are about to catch up with him.

The Song of Achilles
Author: Madeline Miller

After reading "Circe," I am hopefully optimistic about this retelling of the Greek legend of Achilles and the Trojan War. It follows Achilles and his close friend, Patroclus, as they join their countrymen in laying siege to the city of Troy to reclaim the kidnapped Helen of Sparta.

The Elephant Keeper's Daughter
Author: Julia Drosten

In Ceylon's royal city of Kandy, the king's elephant keeper is an esteemed position in court, but it is only reserved for males. When a daughter is born to the current keeper, her parents raise her as a boy to ensure the line of succession. When British colonists invade, Phera is finally allowed to live as herself, but when unspeakable acts of violence are committed against her people, she must also fight for survival. When she's drawn into an unexpected romance with a British physician, Phera is faced with another choice: love or hatred?

The Secrets of Lost Stones
Author: Melissa Payne

Jess has lost everything: her job, her apartment, and her son in a tragic accident. So she packs up what's left and moves to a small mountain town where she begins working as a caregiver to Lucy, an eccentric old woman rumored to be clairvoyant. But Jess isn't the only lost soul who's taken up residence in Lucy's home. There's Star, a teen runaway with a painful secret, and a little boy with heart-shaped stones.

Mrs. Rochester's Ghost
Author: Lindsay Marcott

Jane has hit rock bottom. So when she's offered a cottage to live in in exchange for tutoring a teenage girl, she accepts. But everything is not what it seems on the Rochester estate. Evan Rochester has been accused of murdering his wife but insists she drowned herself. While Jane has doubts, she still finds herself falling for him, and when a ghostly presence keeps appearing, she sets out to find the truth of what really happened that night.

The Saturday Evening Girls Club
Author: Jane Healey

Caprice, Ada, Maria, and Thea are four immigrant women trying to escape tradition in Boston. The four friends face family clashes, romantic entanglements, career struggles, and cultural prejudice, but through it all they have each other and the Saturday Evening Girls Club, a social pottery-making group. Their bond gives them the strength and courage to transform their lives.

Across the Winding River
Author: Aimie K. Runyan

Beth's father, Max, is at the end of his life, and his only request is that Beth go through an old box of memorabilia from when he served as a medic in World War II. Among the souvenirs is a photograph of Max with a woman, the German wife of a Nazi officer with whom Max risked everything. Meanwhile in a nearby private care home is a German woman with her own past to share. When she and Beth meet, Beth realizes that after all this time her father needs closure.

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