An Honest Review of Monat's Damage Repair Line

by - April 27, 2022

I tried Monat's full Damage Repair line of products for one month. These are my results.

A lot of people were excited when Monat released their Damage Repair line of products earlier this year. It's supposed to help restore hair that's been damaged by heat, coloring, etc. And the results I've seen people

At the time of its release, it wasn't something I needed. The only heat styling I use is a hair dryer...once or twice a week. I straighten or use a curling wand on average maybe three times a month. I've never colored my hair outside of those temporary wash-in ones by Overtone. Basically, other than having split ends when I go too long between haircuts, my hair isn't damaged.

Then, I got Covid at the beginning of the year, and three months later my hair started showing signs of...well, something. I was experiencing more hair loss, a lot of dryness, and just overall not being able to keep my style. So I decided it was a good time to give the damage repair line a try.

Before we dive into my results from the last month, let's talk about the products that make up this line.

These products were tested in an independent lab. Results show the shampoo on its own improves hair strength by 47 percent. The hair treatment, which takes the place of conditioner, as well as the masque and leave-in were shown to reduce breakage by 95-97 percent, while the masque was shown to improve smoothness and the leave-in to reduce frizz and increase shine.

I started using the full line at the end of March. My typical routine is to do a full wash and condition once or twice a week, three-five days apart depending on my activity and the weather. I started out using it every week but ended up scaling back to every other week.

I washed with the shampoo twice, then applied the hair treatment. Depending on the week, I would either apply the masque over the hair treatment or rinse it out. Then I applied the leave-in to towel-dried hair, followed by my usual styling products.

Here are the things I liked:

🗸The shampoo has a really nice lather. My hair isn't particularly thick, but I do have a lot of it, so I need a good lather to get all the way through to the roots.

🗸The masque made an immediately-noticeable difference in my hair's texture.

🗸The leave-in crème didn't dry crunchy. I hate having to constantly scrunch out the crunch.

🗸My curls were definitely more defined on day one of the wash cycle. More on that later.

🗸Less frizz.

As much as I want to say that these products were perfect for me, I can't. Unfortunately, there were a few cons for me.

✗ I did not like the hair treatment. A lot of that had to do with the applicator, but I felt like I never got it applied evenly throughout my hair.

✗ The smell. I do not like strongly-scented products, and this line is pretty overwhelming for me scent-wise.

✗ These products were overall too heavy for my hair type. Three of the four contain coconut oil, which admittedly is great for curls, but not for my low-porosity hair. I ended up with oily roots by day three at least, sometimes day two, and my curls did not hold up well past day 1 at all.

At the end of the day, my hair is not nearly damaged enough to warrant consistent use. At the most, I would need to rotate it every other week, but more realistically I think once a month would probably do all I need. The masque and leave-in crème are the products I would use the most consistently.

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  1. The prices have gotten too expensive. Plus there is a handling charge. I am a monat vip and tried to order 2 bottles of shampoo. It was going to be over $100 dollars.

    1. The prices definitely did go up, but I believe the company sent out notices pretty far in advance to alert customers of the changes. I have actually had to stop using most of the products because of an allergy issue so am no longer selling or truly even promoting the products.

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