An Honest Review of Lash Princess False Lash Effect Mascara

by - May 01, 2023

I tried that viral TikTok mascara, and I have some thoughts.

I've been using the Essence Lash Princess False Lash Effect Mascara that went viral on TikTok and has thousands of five-star reviews for about a month now, which I feel is enough time to provide legitimate feedback. As with all of my honest reviews, what you're about to read are my own opinions.

First things first: I was not approached by any company or brand to review this product. I simply kept seeing this mascara on all the lists all the time. One of my close friends even recommended it to me. So, I decided to give it a shot.

What you need to know about me, especially for those of you who are new to the blog, is that I am a natural redhead. My hair tends to stay closer to the strawberry blond end of the red-hair spectrum, meaning my eyebrows and eyelashes are extremely light. In fact, if I don't color in my eyebrows or apply mascara, I look completely different. On top of that, my lashes are super short, and I am always on the lookout for a product that makes them more visible without being gunky.

So let's get started!

This mascara has several variations that you can try, but I went with the green one. Some things to note about this version are that it's not waterproof and it only comes in black. I ordered from Amazon for less than $5.

My first impression on opening the package was how pretty the tube is. It's curvy like a woman's body, and the top is designed to look like a corset top. It's the same size as other mascaras I've used but is packaged differently. It was shrink-wrapped, and that shrink wrap was a pain to remove.

This may just be me, but why does it come out so gunked up? I have to wipe the wand multiple times, every single time, to remove all the excess before I can even apply it. In fact, I recently removed a ton from the handle part of the wand so it wouldn't be wasted.

I'm left wondering if the tube I received was missing a piece. It definitely does not have the scraper thing I'm used to in other mascaras. Is it even meant to have that part?

At any rate, I'm not a fan of the gunkiness.

Earlier I mentioned how practically non-existent my eyelashes are when bare, so I wanted to show you a before-and-after effect. You can clearly see the difference between right and left. However, is this a false-lash effect as promised? I'm not seeing it.

I had to apply several coats for this final product, as well, and I feel like I go over my lashes a lot more to keep clumps from forming than with other mascaras I've used, possibly because of the super gunky wand? I'm not really sure. I'm not a makeup expert by any means.

This is both eyes done and after attacking them with a lash curler, which is a tool I largely avoid using, but with this mascara I feel like my lashes need that extra help.

Anyway, here's my final verdict. This mascara definitely makes my lashes thicker, although I feel like I'm battling clumps the entire time I apply it. It does not give me any length, or volume I guess I should say, and while it didn't necessarily promise volume it did promise a false-lash effect, which I feel like implies thickness and volume.

I do like the way my lower lashes turn out with this mascara. They are definitely much more visible and defined, but I can't say that I don't get that same effect from my usual go-to mascara.

Now for the one thing that is my deal breaker -- the smudging. Every single day I end up with raccoon eyes. I even went a few days without eyeliner to be sure that it was the mascara. Yep.

So, for me, this mascara is a one-and-done, at least in this variation. The waterproof version might work better.

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  1. There must be something wrong with it. My mascara doesn’t look like this.😊

  2. Hey! I had VERY similar opinions. I'm a brunette, but was not blessed with amazing lashes. I never had clumping like you, but oh my God the smudging!!! I had the same thought of "splurging" on the water proof. It helped a little, but still smudged, just less. I finally started using a setting spray after the mascara and that helped even more. I do work graveyards, so regardless my eyes are always black, and I rub them a LOT so smoky is often my go to. I would say it would be easy for me to change mascaras again though. It's definitely not one I stand by.