2022 Mother's Day Gift Guide

by - April 17, 2022

I feel like I talk about motherhood in some way, shape, or form all. the. time. Not only am I a mother, but my job is specifically crafted around that fact. Every month, I share a piece of my journey with my local parenting community, and I don't sugarcoat a thing. Let's face it, for all its loveliness, motherhood is messy and exhausting and often isolating. It's also the one "occupation" that is consistently commented on by others, with pretty much everyone you meet offering up some form of advice, solicited or not.

This is from my April publisher's note:

Becoming a mom is simultaneously the most rewarding and most difficult thing I’ve done in my life. It’s an all-consuming job, no matter your situation, and it’s so easy to lose yourself to mom burnout. I feel like that was the part I was the most unprepared for, and if I could go back and give my new-mom self some words of wisdom, it would be these:

Take a real shower, brush your hair (even if it does end up in a messy bun), and put on real clothes. Getting ready for the day will make a huge difference in your mood.

Know who your village is, and don’t be afraid to call them for help while you adjust to your new family dynamic.

Trust your instincts. When something feels not right, listen to your mom gut. You’ll be surprised just how often it’s right.

And sleep when the baby sleeps. I say that one with a little bit of irony, but it’s still good advice. Sleep will be hard to come by in that first year, so if you can, sleep when the baby sleeps. Especially if you are tired. Those dirty dishes and piles of laundry can wait.

Moms are absolutely worth celebrating every day of every month, but especially on the day that's set aside specifically for them each year. That's why I've once again put together my annual Mother's Day Gift Guide, but this year's looks a little bit different from years past. As always, I tried to curate it with working moms in mind, but at the same time I specifically chose items that I would like to receive.

This post contains affiliate links.

Rose Gold Dot Journal - Would this be one of my gift guides if it didn't have some type of journal or notebook included? I've had a thing for rose gold lately, and I really love this simple little book.

Camera Lens Coffee Mug - This is maybe the coolest coffee mug I've ever seen.

Mother Like No Other Coffee Cup & Saucer - I love pretty coffee cups, and I recently saw a really cute idea for turning them into succulent planters. This would be perfect for sipping your morning joe or adding a bit of greenery to your desk.

Stackable Desk Tray - I'm always looking for smart ways to be more organized, and I absolutely love this set of rose gold stackable trays.

She Inspires Gift Book - We could all use a bit of motivation, and this book is just so lovely.

Blue Patchwork Tiered Dress - A pretty dress that's easy to lounge in is a must, especially for work-at-home moms like me. I am in love with this pretty blue patchwork pattern.

Loungewear or PJs- Can you ever have too much? I don't think so.

Magazine Holder Side Table - Is this not the perfect little accent for your favorite reading spot?

Artificial Eucalyptus Wreath - I'm a firm believer that every office needs a bit of greenery, and this wreath is perfect! I've already got a spot picked out...

2-Tier Dish Drying Rack - I absolutely need this.

Winky Lux Flower Balm Lip Stain - I'm so intrigued by this lip stain. It's supposed to match your unique pigmentation for the perfect color.

Purifying Scalp Scrub - This is one of my favorite products, and I recommend it to everyone!

Hair Claw Clips - I love being able to pull my hair up off my neck, but I don't always like to put it in a ponytail holder. These clips would solve that problem!

Berry Refined Scrub - This is another favorite product for me. Used once a week, it helps keep my skin smooth. It also smells really good.

Cold Charcoal Mask - This is my favorite face mask ever. It's a great way to pamper yourself after a long week.

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