8 Spring Outfits to Try

by - April 14, 2022

It's time for another Real Outfit Roundup. For those who aren't familiar, every two weeks I share the outfits I wore in real life that I actually managed to snap a picture of, a little bit about what I was doing the day I wore it, and links to shop the same or similar items.

It has been a busy two weeks, but that's pretty standard for this time of year. You'll notice a pretty big shift in my outfits. It is most definitely Spring in the South now, complete with severe weather and random cold, windy days thrown in the mix. Despite that, this has become my favorite season to dress for because it's truly the only time of year where I can have fun with layers and seemingly mismatched proportions.

Anyway, this is a rare outfit roundup that truly spans the gamut of what Spring can be. Let's jump right on in!

Sizing: I'm 5'2" and weigh about 145 lbs. I wear size small or 6 in most clothing and size 7 in shoes.

Shirt (similar, similar) / Shorts / Sandals (similar) / Purse

We'll start with the last day of March. I had a good bit of web work to do for the magazine this day to get the April issue published on the first day of the new month. That meant lots of time at my desk, so I wanted to be comfortable but feel put together at the same time. This lilac gingham button-up is an old favorite. Back when I bought it, it was described as a 'camp shirt,' but the terminology has since changed. I paired it with my super comfy Sofia Vergara shorts (that I showed in my last ROR) and my trusty white knock-off Burks. I snapped this either going to or coming back in from the afternoon car pick-up line. Other than yoga first thing that morning, I didn't do anything else, and I distinctly remember this being the third day in a row I wore my hair in a bun.

Shirt (similar) / Jeans / Shoes

This was the day after Alexis's birthday party. I didn't get a full picture of what I wore for that, sadly. I don't remember what we did this particular Sunday. I'm assuming we went to a few stores and at least to lunch. Otherwise I'm sure I would not have dressed so nicely.

I've had this pair of bootcut jeans for a really long time. I've always loved them, although I didn't remember them being quite so low-waisted. I really like how this smock-waist blouse pairs with them. The proportions are really nice, I think, and help accentuate my higher waist.


We had severe weather this day, so school was dismissed early. Even though I knew it was going to happen, I was still not prepared for it, so just threw on my new favorite shorts and this comfy sweatshirt. Once I had picked Alexis up and gotten us some lunch, we went home and stayed there. All her after-school stuff was canceled, and I pushed the rest of my work for the day to the next day.


This dress makes me feel like an Easter egg, but in the best way. I picked it up on a random Walmart trip and busted it out at the first sight of 80-degree weather last week. The skirt is tiered, it has a really loose fit (almost too loose in the bust for me), and cute fluttery shoulder straps. It isn't lined, and I honestly can't remember if it has pockets. It's so thin, I probably wouldn't put my phone in them anyway.



I cannot say no to blue gingham, and I absolutely love this dress. This was a really busy day, filled with a lot of walking and moving around, so I paired it with my white leather sneakers. It also cooled off a good bit that evening, so I threw my fuzzy pink jacket over it when I headed to the event I attended, hence the other picture. It's got small puff sleeves, a tiered skirt, a cute bow detail on the back, and pockets. It was super comfortable to wear all day, and I got lots of compliments while I was out and about.


This was a really busy but fun day. We went to a local Spring Festival where we spent pretty much the entire day, starting with visiting with the Easter Bunny at the Farmers Market, to shopping with local vendors, pony rides and a petting zoo, a local Italian café for lunch, and ending with frozen yogurt. Then we came back to town and unsuccessfully tried to find my mom some shoes for Easter, and I snapped a pic in the bathroom of one of the stores we went in.

It was cold and windy all day, so a sweater and jeans was definitely in order. I wore my leather jacket at the festival for another layer but didn't need it in the store. I love this purple striped henley sweater. It's so perfect for Spring, especially paired with white jeans, and I love how crisp my white leather sneakers look with the white bottoms.

Dress / Vest (similar) / Shoes / Purse

Are y'all tired of seeing this dress yet? I hope not because it's really turned into my go-to dress for the season. I've shown it before paired with a dark denim jacket, a tan denim jacket, and a light blue grandpa cardigan. This go 'round I opted for my denim vest and my taupe platform sandals.

Shirt (similar) / Skirt / Shoes / Purse

I cannot stop singing this skirt's praises, y'all. I love it so much. Instead of a graphic t-shirt, I wanted to do something a little more unexpected. There's some blue hidden in the pattern, so I used this short-sleeve chambray button-up to pull that out. The shirt didn't tuck nicely for this skirt because of it's wide smocked waistband, so I tied it instead, which worked out nicely for accentuating my waist. My taupe sandals are a perfect neutral for this skirt.

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