Five Favorite Things from March 2022

by - April 05, 2022

Every month, I like to look back on the products I loved that made my life easier or just made me feel good. Surprisingly, this month's edition of this post was difficult to narrow down. As I reflected on the month of March, I realized just how busy I truly was throughout it, and it was tough to focus in on the products that made a big impact.

In fact, this post could have easily been double the size. But instead of listing every single thing that brought me joy, I decided to limit this post to my top five purchases for the month.

White Sneakers - These are without a doubt my most-worn shoes for the month. White sneakers are the quickest way to add a touch of Spring to any outfit, and the best part about these is that they're leather. You can check out the other Spring shoes I'm loving right now here.

Sofia Vergara Lila Shorts - I wasn't planning on adding new denim shorts to my wardrobe this year, but then I saw these on someone else and loved them. The distressing is unique, the fit is loose, and they're the perfect level of comfort for working at home.

Chevron Quilted Shoulder Bag - Oh my goodness, this bag, y'all. I am in love. It instantly elevates any outfit. Plus it's big enough to accommodate my large wallet, which doubles as a clutch.

Il Makiage Foundation & Concealer - I did a full review last month. You can check it out here. But for the purpose of this post, I'll just say that I am so happy I decided to try this makeup. It has seriously great coverage and the concealer is the best I've ever used. Plus, they matched my skin tone perfectly from an online quiz.

Pride and Premeditation by Tirzah Price - I'll have a full review in my monthly reading roundup for March, but I couldn't not include this book. I enjoyed it so much. It is like Pride and Prejudice if it were written by Agatha Christie.

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