5 Spring Shoes I'm Loving Right Now

by - March 29, 2022


It's finally Spring! The pecan trees have finally signaled the end of our winter weather, the pollen is free falling, and I've put all my boots away for the next several months.

Last month, I talked about Spring trends in general and which ones I'm most excited about for this year. In that post, I shared all of the tops and dresses I've bought to freshen up my Spring wardrobe. Today, I'd like to focus on my first love - shoes.

According to pretty much everyone, these are the top shoe trends for this Spring.
  • Retro-Inspired Sneakers - I am actually in the market for a new pair of athletic sneakers, so we'll see.
  • Clogs - Just no. I wasn't a fan of these back when they were popular during my teenage years, and that hasn't changed.
  • Bright & Bold Colors - Clearly, I have no issues with this one. Hello, yellow & pink Converse!
  • Crossover Sandals - This isn't really my thing. I prefer a double strap or h-band.
  • Platforms - Be still my 90s heart.
  • Clean White Sneakers - To be honest, I've always thought these were considered a basic that everyone needed, so I'm not sure what makes it a trend this year.
  • Architectural Heels - This one is honestly fun but not worth investing in, in my opinion.
Now that we've briefly discussed what you'll be seeing on the streets, let's talk about the styles I'll actually be wearing this Spring.

White Tennis Shoes


I've always loved the idea of a sleek white tennis shoe, but just couldn't get past the fact that I knew I wouldn't be able to keep them clean, like, ever.

Then I saw this pair included in one of those Spring product roundup posts. The thing about these sneakers is that they're not cloth. Instead, they're faux leather, which makes my worries about them not staying clean not quite so big. Unless I do something just terrible, I should be able to simply wipe them off.

white-tennis-shoes white-tennis-shoes

I really love how you can pair a clean white sneaker with pretty much anything, from dresses and skirts to your favorite jeans. I really like them with white jeans and a statement top (first picture). They're casual enough that I don't feel like I'm trying too hard, but the leather and bright white definitely give them a step up.

I'm wearing size 7 and say they fit true to size (TTS).

Black Platform Sandals


I've only gotten to wear these gorgeous platform heels once so far this season, but I love them oh so much. They give me a That 70s Show vibe, and I'm really excited to create even more looks with them.

The heel on these is about 3.5 inches but it doesn't feel that way. That's the great thing about platforms, especially in heels. I wore these for a full day of meetings and magazine drop-offs, so lots of walking and standing. They're incredibly comfortable. They also come in tan and white. I'm wearing size 7.

Taupe Wedge Sandals


These taupe wedge sandals were recommended by someone I follow on Like to Know It. The color is a really good neutral, so they'll go with pretty much any color outfit I wear.

These wedges are pretty low, and the platform at the front makes them super comfortable. They don't have as steep of an arch due to the lower heel height, which makes them easy to walk in and wear pretty much all day long.


So far, I've only worn these wedges with a dress and skirt, but I feel like I'll get a lot of good wear out of them with shorts, as well. To me, these are a good middle-of-the-road shoe, not really fancy but just enough extra to not be too casual either.

The one thing I feel like I need to point out, because I didn't know until they came in and it definitely would have impacted my buying decision, is that the ankle strap is velcro. If I had known that, I probably would have skipped out on these. I'm not sure how long the velcro is going to hold up, especially with heavy wear, but these weren't expensive so maybe it'll balance out? I'm wearing size 7.

Clear Strap Wedges


When I first bought my clear strap wedges, I doubted I would get much wear out of them. They just didn't feel like my style, but then I actually got them and realized how easy they are to style with literally any dress in my closet, and I was sold.

Unlike other clear shoe styles, these wedges feel more understated and like they won't be as quick to go out of style. I think it's the woven wedge base. What I really love about them, though, is the fact that they don't take away from whatever outfit I've chosen to pair them with while still giving me the height boost I'm looking for.


My exact wedges are no longer available, but ShoeDazzle did bring back an almost identical version for this year, which is what I'm linking to. I wear size 7 and find their shoes to be true to size, unless it's boots in which then I have to do a wide calf.

Neutral Braided Slide Sandals/Heels


I'm counting these as the same thing because they're essentially the same shoe, just different heights, and therefore will be pretty interchangeable.

Let's start with the slides. I came across these in my local Walmart in the lavender color, which are gorgeous by the way, and tried them on to see if the straps would work for me (other pairs I've tried on have been really hit or miss). Ultimately, I decided I wouldn't get very much use out of the lavender and wanted the more neutral pair.

These have a slightly padded footbed and the braided straps have a little bit of give. Sadly, these are only available in this bone color and the lavender now, and only in limited sizes for both. I'm wearing size 7.


I have been wanting a pair of these heels since last year, but have only just found a pair in my size that the straps weren't too tight across my toes. These ones are the A New Day brand at Target and they're perfect.

These have a 3.25 inch heel, which is my preferred height boost. The square toe keeps them trendy. The braided straps have a bit of give in them so they're not stiff and uncomfortable across my toes. Surprisingly, these are pretty comfortable for all day wear. Granted, I didn't do a ton of walking around or standing in one place, but at the end of the day my feet weren't screaming at me.

These come in a bunch of other colors, including black and a really pretty multi-colored metallic. I'm wearing size 7.

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