15 Things to Do with Your Kids this Spring

by - March 22, 2022


Spring has officially sprung. That means warmer weather and more opportunities to get outdoors. If, like me, you live somewhere that the summer can be unbearably hot and humid, discouraging you from doing much of anything that doesn't involve water, Spring is the time of year when you're most active. As I've gotten older, I've come to appreciate Spring more and more, especially as a parent.

This year it's looking like we might finally be getting back to mostly normal after two years of being severely restricted. I didn't realize how much we actually did as a family during the Spring until we weren't allowed to do anything at all. So I'm excited to see my calendar filling up with all the events and activities we've missed out on over the last two years. I've taken that excitement and put together a list of fun activities you and your families can participate in this Spring.


Go for a Walk or Bike/Scooter Ride - This can be as simple as taking a stroll or ride through your neighborhood or as elaborate as exploring a local nature trail. We've got several area trails, including the Forever Wild Nature Trails and a Story Walk sponsored by our local library (that's where you read a story as you walk a trail, so cool!).

Fly a Kite - This is the perfect time of year to take to the skies. All you need is a clear open area and a stiff breeze.


Get Crafty - Whether you're a DIY'er or you buy a step-by-step kit from the art store, arts and crafts projects are a fun and creative way to spend an afternoon. You can also look into local art studios to see if they offer any classes or workshops you can do as a family.

Have a Chalk Art Competition - Speaking of art, you can't go wrong with sidewalk chalk. Challenge your family members or neighbors to a friendly competition and let your imagination take the wheel.

Cook Together - This is something Alexis and I have been doing a lot of here lately, and it's so much fun. We make a lot of family favorites but also try new recipes.


Get Active - Find something active to do as a family outside of your house. Go play putt-putt, race go-karts, get swinging at the batting cages, jump around at a trampoline park, or roll around a skating rink.

Go Somewhere New That's Local - Think of it like a stay-cation day trip. Pick a museum, park, anything that you've never visited, or maybe somewhere you haven't been to since you were a kid, and experience something new.


Grow Something - Whether you're planting a full-scale vegetable garden, a windowsill herb garden, updating your flower beds, or dabbling in succulents, growing something together is a fun experience...even if you fail.

Cast a Line - Go fishing. We have several ponds in our area that you can fish at, and even though I'm not big on fishing, even I can enjoy a day spent by the water.


Go Park Hopping - Make a list of all the parks and playgrounds in your area and pick a different one to visit each weekend. Not only will it be a fun day for the kids, but you'll also get to know your community a little better. One of our favorite parks has an animal-themed playground, but we also love visiting a local pond and feeding the ducks that live there.

Have a Picnic - This is another favorite of ours, even if we're just having lunch on the back porch or on a blanket in the front yard. It can be as simple as homemade sandwiches or as fancy as picking up plates from a local deli.

Go to a Festival - Spring is festival season in our neck of the woods. There is seriously something to do every weekend, and most weekends there's more than one event to choose from.


Have a Nature Scavenger Hunt - These are so much fun, especially for younger kids. Make a list of things for them to look for like a yellow flower, white rock, and fuzzy caterpillar.

Blow Bubbles - There's just something about bubbles. So simple, but so much fun. Pick up a cheap little bubble machine or do it the old-fashioned way. Either way, I guarantee your kids will love it.

Paint & Hide Rocks - This has been a trend for the last few years, but I still love it. Buy you some nice smooth stones and some paint, then decorate your rocks and add a fun, inspirational message to them. Once they're finished, hide them around your neighborhood or town. You never know whose day you'll make when they randomly find one!

What are some of your favorite things to do as a family this time of year?

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