The Amazon Skirt I Can’t Stop Buying

by - March 25, 2022

Are you the type of person who finds a piece of clothing you love and then keeps buying it in all the colors? I am! And this skirt from Amazon is absolutely worthy of all of our love.

You've seen a version of this skirt in so many Real Outfit Roundups you could be tempted into thinking you're seeing double...or in this case, quintuple? You see, I love this skirt so much, I own it in five colors/prints.

So why, exactly do I love it so much? Let me count the ways.

1. It's the perfect length. It hits above my knees but isn't short enough to be considered a mini.

2. It's tiered, which helps to hide any unflattering bumps and bulges you might have.

3. The waist is elastic.

4. The material is lightweight but not see through.

5. It comes in a ton of colors and patterns.

6. You can dress it up or down, although I tend to wear it mostly casual.

7. It's easy to layer for cooler days.

And the list could go on and on! Now let's take a quick look at how I've styled them.

We're going to start with the version of this skirt I bought first - the A-rust Red Daisy.

Because I've had this one the longest, I've worn it the most often. This photo is from last weekend when we went out to an Easter egg art exhibit at our local botanical gardens. The color of this skirt is almost brown, which makes sense for the rust red description.

This skirt is surprisingly easy to pair with a variety of tops in my wardrobe.

There are subtle hints of blue, green, yellow, and even pink in the pattern. My favorite way to wear it is with a graphic t-shirt, but as you can see it's easy to dress up a little with a not-basic button-front camisole and adding a sweater and tall boots makes it winter appropriate.

Now let's move on to the one that is probably my favorite - green flower. This one is by far the brightest, making it the most fun to style. I love pairing other bright colors with it, especially yellow.

One note on the green. For whatever reason, the tie on this particular skirt was ridiculously long, so I cut it off. Because it's for looks only, it worked.

The blue daisy skirt is my second oldest. In my closet, it's basically a neutral and goes with nearly everything. Here's the last time I wore it.

When I first got the skirt, I did a little outfit remix post showing six ways to style a printed skirt in all seasons. I still love all of those outfits, although I'd probably update the ankle boots.

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This pink floral skirt is the newest addition to my collection. I bought it specifically because I wanted to recreate an outfit I saw in a Facebook ad (I talked about it here), but I've got big plans for this skirt, y'all.

The pink floral is the only skirt that was sold by a different Amazon retailer, but trust me when I say it's the same skirt. It fits exactly the same way and is priced almost exactly the same. I do think this particular seller has some more spring-specific prints right now versus the original skirt.

Anyway, on to our final contestant...I mean, skirt. This one is simply called beige, which I find very misleading. This is a neutral colored spotted print. It's not quite leopard, but they're not uniform enough to be considered a polka dot.

I haven't gotten as much wear out of this one, yet, but it's still fairly new. It's a great base, though, so I have no doubt you'll be seeing more of it throughout the summer.

Some sizing notes for you. I am 5'2" and weigh between 145-150 lbs. I'm wearing size medium in each of the skirts I've shown today. While they do have an elastic waist, the rest of the material is not stretchy at all and the part around your hips is a little more fitted, so definitely take that into account, especially if you are between sizes.

So, have I convinced you to jump on this skirt's band wagon yet? I'll confess, I've got another one (or two) currently sitting in my Amazon cart waiting for me to click buy. That's how obsessed I am with this skirt!

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