What I Read February 2022

by - March 02, 2022

what i read february 2022

Would you be surprised if I told you romance featured heavily in my February reading?

I can't believe it's time for another book roundup already! I feel like I didn't read anything in February, if I'm being honest. Clearly, I did, otherwise there would be nothing for me to share with you, but it definitely feels like I spent a lot of time floundering and not being able to connect with what I was trying to get into. For instance, I attempted to read The Case of the Mysterious Madam, which was on my last TBR post, but it was so dang dry and took too long to get to the point, so I gave up a few chapters in.

I read most of the books included in this list in the first half of the month, and spent the second half rereading some of my favorites (All the Pretty Monsters mainly), hoping to kind of reset my brain for March. We'll see if it helps!


Every Witch Demon But Mine, No Witch Way Out, Witch Darkness Follows (Maeren series, incomplete)
Author: Mercedes Jade

This not-yet-complete series really does deserve all the ❤️❤️❤️. Elizabeth and her sister, Jill, are witches who have been hiding in the human realm since they were children, but when the banished queen of their homeland requests their aid, they find themselves thrust into a world they don't know enough about and catch the attention of not one prince but all five...and a dragon.

I discovered the Faerie series by Mercedes Jade last year and fell in love. It was quite different from anything else I had read. For one thing, the main female character (MFC) was strong of character but not a badass, the male characters wanted to protect her without holding her back, and the humor in the story didn't take away from the plot. So when I kept seeing Every Witch Demon But Mine in my Kindle recommendations, I decided to give it a shot. I'd been holding back because it's a vampire tale and I had kind of burned out on those, but as with the other series this was pleasantly different. It also has some things going for it that the Faerie series did not. The main difference is that in addition to the MFC, there are three other very strong female characters, one of who could arguably be a second MFC if she had more POV chapters. The world building is so good, too. I'm just sad that I have to wait for the next book!


Revolutionary (Clandestine Magic book 3)
Author: Colleen Cowley

This is a fantastic series, and I absolutely love how the author wrapped things up. If you're a fan of The Paper Magician, then you should read this.

Beatrix and Peter are no longer magically connected, but that just proves that they really do have feelings for each other. After what happened in the finale of the second book, the couple find themselves in the center of a media storm and have captured the attention of a notorious gossip columnist. The government is also still after Peter, as well, since they can't get their weapon to work properly.


Author: Nicole Snow

Another winner from Nicole Snow, who has become one of my favorite romance writers. In the wake of a knee injury and breakup, Tory has moved in with her grandmother for the foreseeable future where she's helping run her uncle's latest get-rich-quick scheme - goat landscaping. While out on her first job, she runs into her childhood best friend, Quinn, and all the feelings she thought she'd left behind come rushing back. The thing is, Quinn feels the same way but doesn't want his dangerous job(s) to land Tory in hot water...which of course it does.


Author: S.A. Parker

This four book series is most definitely not for everyone. In fact, it almost wasn't for me. There are so many triggers, and it is incredibly dark. That said, I finished it because I truly wanted to see what happened with the villain, and I was pleasantly surprised with the outcome. However, she almost lost me 75% through the final book. One of the most redeeming qualities about this series is the MFC's struggle with not only finding her worth but righting a world that's been unfairly pitted against all females. It's a noble mission, even if it is a traumatic one.

Dell is a lesser Fae female who is the 'property' of a brothel owner. At the end of her rope with her cruel existence, she unwittingly ties herself to the four Sun gods. As their relationship develops, more about Dell's past comes to light, including what she truly is, which draws the attention of the villain...who turns out to be her father.


The One and Only Crystal Druid (The Guild Codex: Unveiled)
Author: Annette Marie

Why did I put off reading this for so long?! Zak is my favorite character from all of the other Guild books, so I was really excited about him getting his own series. But then I read the reviews, and they all pretty much said that his books were very different from the others, so I worried that I would hate them. I finally took the plunge, though, and definitely did not hate them. The reviews are right, though. This series is darker than the others, but if you're familiar with Zak it makes sense. You do not have to read any of the other Guild series to read these, but I think you should! I know there are at least four books planned for this particular one, but only the first two books are out at the moment.

This book is from the POV of Saber, a witch who's in a probationary coven for killing her aunt as a teenager. In a bit of a spoiler, her aunt was evil. Anywho...Saber and Zak met as teenagers, but their plans of escaping their terrible lives together didn't go according to plan. They're thrust back into each other's lives when Zak shows up in Saber's area to investigate mysterious fae deaths. They're tied even more closely together when Saber is blamed for the suspicious death of her coven leader.

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