Real Outfit Roundup: Spring Has Sprung

by - March 31, 2022

real outfit roundup

It feels a little bit like fate that this Real Outfit Roundup fell on the last day of the month, and what a month it has been! Between volunteering at Alexis's school for multiple events, Spring Break, searching for a new cover photographer, and a tougher-than-normal month for the magazine, I'm not too sad to see March end, even if just to hopefully have a less busy April.

Where I live, Spring is the busiest time of the year. The weather is just right, if only for a few weeks before summer starts throwing out the triple digits and if you're not counting the pollen. I like to call this time of year 'festival season' because there is always some event or another to keep you busy, and this outfit roundup reflects that.

Spring in the South is more warm weather than cold, but March typically throws us a few curve balls, so you'll see a couple of spring-appropriate sweaters in this post. Of course, I probably won't get to wear them again until fall/winter, but for parts of the country that experience a true Spring, you'll definitely want to add these to your carts.

Okay, let's get to it.

Sizing: I'm 5'2" and weigh 145-150 lbs. I typically wear size small or 6 in clothing and size 7 in shoes.

green yellow floral maxi dress
Dress / Shoes (similar)

In hindsight, this was a really poor outfit choice for the activities of this day. I volunteered to help out with a color run at Alexis's school. If you're not familiar, that's where runners have colored powder thrown at them while they're running. So, it was definitely what is essentially a field. My 'job' was to help the 'throwers' with their powder. I really should have worn shorts/jeans and a t-shirt and most definitely not heeled sandals.

That said, I absolutely adore this dress. I first shared it with you last fall with ankle boots, but I think it works year-round. I'm wearing this in a medium, and think the small would be too tight across my shoulders. My sandals are old, but I found a similar pair that I'll link to.

rust red floral skirt elvis shirt
Shirt (discontinued) / Skirt / Shoes

Every year, our local botanical gardens has an Easter exhibit where people decorate these giant egg cutouts with truly wonderful artwork. We've been going since they first started having it, and it's probably my favorite Easter tradition that we have. This is what I wore to walk through the outdoor exhibit. It was warm, as you can tell.

This is one of my favorite skirts (I talked all about it in this post last week), and I love it paired with this Elvis t-shirt, which sadly is no longer available. If I had to go back and do this again, I would probably wear my black Converse, but I really wanted to wear these new slides to get a good feel for them. I did a more in-depth review of them earlier this week. You can check that out here.

blue floral dress denim vest sandals
Dress (similar) / Vest (similar) / Shoes

This was the second day of Spring Break. Looking at my calendar, the only thing I see outside of work stuff is that I took Alexis to her art camp. I feel like I must have done more than that, though, to have put this much effort into my outfit, but I really can't remember.

If you haven't noticed by now, throwing a denim vest over a dress is my favorite thing to do in the summer, and I really like this blue-on-blue here. I decided to keep my shoes neutral with these taupe wedge sandals. My dress is from last year and my vest is several years old, but I'll link to similar products. You can read more about my sandals here.

rainy day outfit
Shirt (similar) / Jeans / Converse

This is not an outfit I shared, but I apparently wanted to snap a picture to document it. This was another Spring Break day, and it rained pretty much all day. I threw this on because it was comfortable, and then once we were out of the house that afternoon realized I didn't particularly like the pairing. Oh well, can't win 'em all, I suppose.

purple striped henley sweater
Sweater / Jeans (similar) / Shoes

All I truly remember about this day is how cold it was, and how much my hair didn't cooperate with me, LOL. But I was happy to get to give this sweater a spin. I was worried when I ordered it that I had waited too late in the season, but Mother Nature was looking out for me.

So, the sweater. It's a henley style with a button neck and balloon-ish sleeves. They're not oversized and are cuffed. This sweater was a little bit shorter-waisted, I think, even for me. I was able to front-tuck it but it would have worked just as easily out. This is a size small.

My jeans aren't available anymore, which is sad because they're really good.

floral maxi with blue sweater and shoes
Dress / Sweater (similar) / Shoes

This was last Friday. Looking at my planner, I didn't have anything scheduled during the day, but that evening we went to a local children's theater production of Dear Edwina Jr. It was a lot of fun, and I knew I wanted to be dressed casually but still feel pretty. It was also still a little cool, so I wanted sleeves.

I've showed this maxi dress a couple of times on the blog already, but I've focused mostly on the brown tones in the pattern. This time I wanted to focus on the blue, mostly because my new flats were a perfect match. Then I remembered this grandpa-style blue sweater and decided it made a nice bookend. I added the neutral belt to give my waist a more defined silhouette under the cardigan.

green short sleeve sweater brown floral blouse

I realize you can't see my entire outfit here, but I wanted to share my short-sleeved sweater with you. It's so perfect for Spring it almost hurts. Plus, I wanted to share my mom's super cute blouse!

This was last weekend. We went to a live ultrasound for my brother and sister-in-law then ended up at an ice cream parlor. We also explored the downtown shops, spending a really good chunk of time in an antique store. My sweater was perfect for the slightly cool day. You can't see here, but I started the day with a light bomber jacket. I'm also wearing jeans and sneakers.

pink polka dot skirt eyelet blouse
Shirt (similar) / Skirt / Shoes

This was a nice mother-daughter day and the perfect end to Spring Break. We started the day with breakfast at Panera, then took a Target trip, went to the grocery store, and made a yummy Easter treat.

This outfit is easily one of my favorites from the week. This skirt, stubborn stretchy waistband notwithstanding, is one of my favorites. It's so feminine and fun. I paired it with this eyelet top and my taupe wedge sandals for an outfit that feels effortlessly springtime.

patchwork midi skirt love unites us shirt

I picked up this entire outfit from Target on Sunday, and naturally I had to wear it on Monday. I love this skirt so dang much. As soon as I saw it on the rack, I had to have it. Alexis actually helped me pick out the t-shirt to match (although I have others already at home that will pair nicely as well). And these shoes, I've been waiting to find a pair in my size since last year (you can read all about that here).

rose printed skirt
Shirt / Skirt (similar) / Shoes

This outfit looked much better in person than it photographed for some reason. It could have something to do with the fact that it was later in the day than I usually take outside pictures and the fact that I did a good bit of sitting so everything is a little bit rumpled looking.

Anyway, I was really excited to find a casual way to style this skirt. You may remember me styling it kind of dressy back around Christmas, and since then I haven't been able to get past that particular outfit. Something about that red, man. Then I got the idea to pull out the more subtle color from the skirt, and this outfit was born. Literally the only thing new here is the shirt, but I'll do my best to find similar items to link.

distressed jean shorts
Shirt / Shorts / Shoes (similar)

This was yesterday. The first day since I got these shorts that it was warm enough all day to wear them. These aren't a style I'm usually drawn to, but I saw them on a blogger I follow and decided to give them a shot. Man, they're so comfortable. Since I knew I'd be at my desk pretty much all day yesterday, I didn't put a lot of effort into my outfit. I did end up running in the grocery store, but that's about it.

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