6 Early Spring Outfits

by - March 04, 2022


It's time for another Real Outfit Roundup. For all you newbies, every two weeks I share outfits I wore in real life, a little bit about what I wore them for/the thought process behind the outfit, and links to shop the same or similar items.

For size reference, I'm 5'2" and weigh about 150 pounds. I wear a size small or 6 in most clothing and size 7 in shoes.

This is probably the most hole-riddled outfit roundup I’ve ever done. For whatever reason, I didn’t take pictures. Luckily, I have some pics from the try-on I shared last week that will work for a few of the blouses I’ve worn recently so I can at least update you on how those held up to an all-day routine. Otherwise, I really only have six full outfits to share.


This first outfit is actually making a reappearance. I first shared it in this post a couple of weeks ago, but this isn't an outfit I styled simply for the blog. I actually wore this all day, although at some point I had to ditch the jacket because I was too warm.

I saw this on an Amazon Influencer ad and immediately added the pieces to copy it to my cart, minus the boots, which I already had. Sadly, our temperatures have warmed up much quicker than usual, so I won't be getting a ton of wear out of this super comfy jacket. I've got my fingers crossed for another freeze/frost before the end of the month.

Shirt / Jeans / Shoes (similar)

This was a particularly busy day. School was out for President's Day, Alexis and I both had dentist appointments, and she had art class that afternoon, on top of my hefty to-do list for work. I had actually kind of forgotten about this blouse that came with my StitchFix box earlier this year. It's a mixed print sheer shell layered over a silky camisole. The base is navy blue, and while the red in the print stands out the most, it's also got periwinkle and a peachy orange color. I paired these with the soft and stretchy gray jeans that also came in my StitchFix box, and finished everything out with my tried-and-true red d'orsay flats.

Dress / Shoes (similar, similar)

This dress was part of the spring try-on post I did last week. This is probably my favorite dress style right now. I love how romantic it is, and these ones are actually a non-awkward length on me (I have a hard time finding midi dresses that don't end up being maxi dress length on my petite frame).

This dress has a tiered hem, smocked waist, adjustable tie-string bust, and elastic-banded cap sleeves. It's dark purple with a light purple and pink floral pattern, so it'll work all year long. I don't know what all I did this day. My calendar only has yoga written on it, and I definitely did not wear this for that!

Shirt (similar) / Pants (Worthington, old) / Shoes (similar)

This was a fun day. I was asked to conduct mock job interviews with high school students at a career prep event for one of our area high schools. I obviously wanted to look professional, and thankfully  I've kept a few timeless work-wear staples (i.e. these white slacks) in my closet.

These slacks are Worthington brand, which was my go-to brand when I worked at the tv station. However, this exact style isn't available, and I'm not familiar enough with current work-wear brands to link to something remotely similar. My blouse is from last year or the year before. It's a medium, so it's a little big on me, but I do like this style from Old Navy. My heels are old favorites, and I'll try to find something similar but I haven't had much luck with that in recent years.


This was quite literally a thrown-together look. I had an unexpected errand that required me to leave the house on a day when I hadn't planned on going anywhere. This pink leopard-print dress is good for so many seasons. It's a silky material so it's pretty light. I'm wearing a medium. I probably could have sized down to a small, but I think it would have been shorter than I like. I decided to wear my Converse because, why not? They don't exactly match, but they don't not match either.

Dress (similar)

This was actually yesterday afternoon. I volunteered to work at our school's book fair, which was honestly a dream come to life, so I wanted to be able to move about freely without getting overheated. This dress is not that old. I picked it up from Target late last summer or early fall, I can't remember exactly which. It's the Universal Thread brand, but it's cut much like the one from Old Navy. It does not have a smocked waist, but the rest of the dress is basically the same.


Remember when I said this outfit roundup was riddled with holes because I forgot to take pictures? Well, I wore three of the shirts I shared in my spring try-on last week, in some variation of the styled outfits from that post, so I wanted to update you on how they wore.


I absolutely love this blouse! It's got a very subtle texture to it that gives it character. It has the most perfect drape, and the sleeves have the right amount of flutter. The v-neck can be worn open or buttoned. I chose to button the two bottom ones because it was a little low for me. I did wear this same pair of boyfriend jeans, but I added a brown belt and swapped the wedges for flats.


This shirt is a little on the thick side because of the embroidery, but I didn't feel like I got too hot while wearing it. The sleeves would not stay pulled all the way down throughout the day, but I didn't really mind all that much because that just emphasized the puffed sleeve, which I love. I paired the blouse with my button-fly cropped jeans and a pair of flats, neither of which are pictured here obviously.


I wore this fun pink blouse to a birthday party over the weekend. The stretchy neck took a bit of getting used to; it was closer to my throat than I realized. As with the blue blouse, the sleeves didn't stay pulled down, but again that wasn't a big concern for me. I wore it with my distressed dark-wash boyfriend jeans and Converse, since I was going to be moving around a bunch.

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