A Fun Spring Outfit with Chrissy's Socks

by - February 18, 2022


I have been dying to wear this outfit ever since I saw it on an Amazon influencer ad. I've just been waiting for the last piece to be delivered to recreate it, and it's finally time!

I mean, there's really nothing I don't love about this outfit. From the cozy jacket to the leopard tee to the floral skirt to the over-the-knee boots and even the thigh high socks underneath.

I don't particularly need a reason to bust an outfit like this out, but we've had some decidedly spring-like temperatures so it felt doubly appropriate to go a little overboard with the pastels. I almost did taupe OTK boots but ultimately went with this darker brown pair because I liked the slimmer silhouette. Plus, I felt like they pulled out the leopard's coloring a little more.


Enough about the boots. Let's talk about this jacket! It deserves all the heart eyes. I absolutely love it. It is, hands down, the softest thing I own. It is not lined, though, so if you live somewhere really cold it may not be enough to keep you warm. But here in the southernmost part of the country it's perfect.

If you think this skirt looks familiar, you are correct. I have it in four other patterns, I think. It's such a good skirt, though, that I can't help myself with buying as many patterns and colors as I can!

My t-shirt, while still being a nice feminine pink and white, helps give the outfit a little bit of edge with its 'Long Live Rock N Roll' message.

Now, let's talk about what's under my boots. You've got a little peek of them in the picture above. Time for a closer look.


How cute are these color thigh high socks by Chrissy's Socks? They have a ton of cute patterns, but I've always been a sucker for stripes. These pink-and-white striped pair were the perfect compliment to my nearly all-pink outfit, and the fact that they're high enough to provide a layer between my boots and skin makes them even more amazing.

These socks are made in the U.S. and are fur free. They're not as soft as I expected them to be but they're not uncomfortable. They've got a decent amount of stretch, but I do feel like I need to point out that if your thighs are bigger like mine (thanks cheerleading and softball), you may have to work to get them up all the way. Once they're in place, though, they stay there.



Outfit Details
Jacket: Amazon (exact, wearing M)
Shirt: Amazon (exact, wearing M)
Skirt: Amazon (exact, wearing M)
Socks: Chrissy's Socks (exact)
Boots: ShoeDazzle (exact, wearing size 7)

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