Monday Motivation

by - February 21, 2022


Happy Monday, friends! This month is flying by, but I guess I should have expected that considering February is a short month. It's amazing how much of a difference two to three days can make when you're talking about deadlines!

I saw my dermatologist last week, and she confirmed that I've been having a reaction to something. Most likely the apple cider vinegar gummies I'd been trying since that's the only thing that was different. She gave me a prescription that has been helping with the itchiness, which in turn means the sporadic rash outbreaks aren't as bad because I'm not scratching them. The only downside is that it makes me sleepy.

In other news, I got rear-ended after leaving that appointment. And yes, it hasn't been that long since the last time. Unlike the last time, which was honestly a scarier situation, my car was damaged and the person who hit me was extremely unpleasant to deal with.

It happened at a red light. I had been stopped for a couple of minutes when an SUV hit me. The driver claims she took her foot off the brake, but this wasn't a little tap on my bumper. There is a perfect imprint of the tag that was on the front of the SUV and a lovely gash that stretches from underneath the right side of my hatch to about halfway across. So obviously I needed to get an official report for my insurance, right? Well, this driver was not happy that I called the police. Long story short, she let me snap pics of all her info and then left. Well, her SUV was new and she hadn't gotten her permanent tag so the officer had to go find her to get all the info correct.

I'm okay, thankfully, but my nerves were certainly frazzled. And I'm annoyed that I'll have to wait until the car is repaired before I can really start my search for a new one. My lease ends in a couple of months, and I'd like something different.

Our weekend was nice. We didn't do much, but we did finally break out the craft paint kit we got Alexis for Valentine's Day.

This week is going to be decently busy. We've got dentist appointments, art class, gymnastics, yoga, and  I volunteered to do some mock job interviews for a local high school. Then this weekend we've got two birthday parties. Not to mention it's the last week for the magazine. Wish me luck!

I hope you all have a great week!

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