Why I Love Monat's Air Dry Cream

by - February 23, 2022


I can't get enough of Monat's Air Dry Cream. It's so simple and perfect for those days where you want your hair to look good without getting out the dryer.

Earlier this month, I included Monat's Air Dry Cream in my January Favorites post, but I didn't go into much detail about this styling product that's become a pretty big part of my styling routine these last several weeks.

This vegan leave-in cream helps to tame my frizz and fly-aways without weighing my hair down. The only time it dries even semi-crunchy is if I apply it too liberally to the hair that frames my face (which happens with pretty much any product I use at least once a week).


I've never been a fan of letting my hair air dry. Usually when I air dry, I have very little definition and a whole lot of frizz. This cream, however, keeps the frizz at bay and helps my natural waves look like they were intentional instead of I-woke-up-like-this scary. And let's not forget the 15-20 minutes is saves me by not having to get out the diffuser!

As you can see from these pictures, I don't have a lot of curl definition with the air dry cream. My hair is a combination of 2c-3a waves and curls, and when left to its own devices falls into waves instead of defined curls. To achieve more defined curls, I need a tighter-holding product, like Monat's styling taffy, and a little heat by way of diffusing.

I feel like I should point out that the air dry cream does not have as long-lasting of a hold as the actual curl products. I can sometimes stretch it to a third day, but usually by that point I need to do some type of refresh. However, because the air dry cream is so light, I can use it up to three times per wash cycle without having to worry about a lot of product build-up.


I really like this paired with the Smoothing Shampoo and Deep Conditioner (which is great for more frequent washes and specifically targets frizz) and the leave-in conditioner, which I use after every wash and/or rinse.

So, if you're looking for a way to simplify your hair routine that doesn't involve heat, you should definitely consider this leave-in cream. It works for all hair types, whether you're a curly/wavy girl or have naturally straight locks.

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