14 Books About Love To Read This Month

by - February 10, 2022


If you haven't figured it out from my monthly reading roundups, I read a lot of romance books. In fact, I would wager a guess that 90 percent of the books I read are about love, which made this post both easy and hard in equal measure. Easy because I can think of so many romantic books. Hard because how am I supposed to narrow it down into a manageable chunk?

In the end, I decided to do 14 books and/or series that have stuck with me over the years. The ones that I've reread over and over, and those that I find myself recommending to others even when not prompted. Some of these books challenged my thinking. Quite a few of them made me cry. Others had me wanting to disappear inside their pages.

So for your reading pleasure this month, in no particular order, here are my top picks for books or series about love to read this month. I hope you love them as much as I do.


The Paper Magician - This series is one of my absolute favorites. Ceony Twill is reluctantly assigned to become a Paper magician upon her graduation and becomes apprentice to Magician Emery Thane. When Thane's ex-girlfriend shows up and literally steals his heart, Ceony bends the laws of magic to save him.

The Starless Sea - This love story has some of the most beautiful writing I have ever read. That said, it's not a style for everyone and the story is pretty circuitous. It's basically a story within a story, but it's beautiful.

All Souls Trilogy - I managed to get this entire series for $12 on Prime Day, and it quickly became one of my favorites of all time. Who doesn't love a forbidden romance? Especially when those affected will stop at nothing to be together.

180 Seconds - I've said it before, and I'm going to say it again: this book wrecked me in the best ways. This book is about learning how to open up to love, and while there is romance, it's also about the love of friendship.

A Total Waste of Makeup - This book made such an impact on me in college. One of my best friends gave it to me.

The Rogues of London series- First of all, Connie Mason is my all-time favorite historical romance author. Her Rogues of London series is one of my most-read series of all time. The first one is my favorite, but I love all three.

Regretting You - I have yet to read something by Colleen Hoover that was not worth recommending, but this one is still my favorite of hers. This is all about finding love after loss, heartbreak, and betrayal. And I have yet to read a better end scene.

[Bad Boy's Guide to...] Being Not Good - This little rom-com was such a good little read. It's all about the school's little miss goody two shoes asking the resident bad boy to help her be less good after her boyfriend dumps her for that very reason.

Rollin On, Survivor, Checkmate, Stacked Deck, Gilded Knights series - You didn't think I'd leave Emilia Finn's interconnected series off this list, did you? I read the Checkmate series first, then backtracked to the beginning and read them all the way through. The Gilded Knights series is the one she's currently working on, so it's not complete yet. There also a few novellas that go along with these. I linked to her author page so you can see them all there.

Gamer Girls series - This series is definitely not for everyone, but the love stories that are woven throughout are so dang good. The character development is on point, and perhaps more importantly, this series made me think.

The Coven saga - I'm actually about to start rereading these because the next book is about to come out. There are a lot of moving parts with this series and it's broken down into seasons with some novellas from another character's point of view woven throughout. They're all working toward a specific goal, which I can't tell you without spoiling literally everything, but a huge theme throughout is soulmates. And I love the relationship dynamics built around that.

Bluewater Billionaires series - This series focuses on four best friends who just so happen to be billionaires in their own rights. Each of them ends up in some type of scandal and along the roads to righting their wrongs find love. These books are honestly so empowering.

The Host - This book has had such a long-lasting impact on me. The idea of souls and soulmates is just so beautiful.

The Cousins O'Dwyer trilogy - These three books focus on three cousins who are witches. They're fulfilling their ancestors' quest to rid the world of a great evil. Throughout the journey, they each find love and connect with the previous three.

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