Spring Try-On + Trends I'm Exciting About

by - February 24, 2022


Spring is in the air, and I am so looking forward the change in wardrobe. As with every season change, I always take inventory of what's in my closet. It's a great time to clean out pieces that no longer fit, both size-wise and lifestyle-wise, and to evaluate what's missing.

The start of a new season is also the perfect time to check out what trends you can expect to see and adjust accordingly. I, personally, don't do a whole lot with trends, but if I do it's always in small doses unless I absolutely love something. Then, all bets are off and it's a safe assumption that said 'trend' will become part of my style. Take my love for statement sleeves. They technically went out of style ages ago, but I still wear them all. the. time.

So I've actually been reading up on what we can expect to see trend-wise this Spring. Honestly, I'm not that impressed, and I feel like a lot of my local stores have missed the memo entirely (what is up with all the Brady Bunch prints?!). 

I, for one, am not excited about all the 'slouchy' styles that seem to be gaining in popularity. Nor will you see me taking advantage of full-length denim or low-rise jeans. Full-length jeans make me look even shorter than I actually am, and I do not miss low-rise jeans at all. You will also not catch me in a pair of clogs ever. I didn't like them the first time they were popular during my lifetime. Just no.

Now for the 'trends' I am excited for:

Bold & Bright - All neutrals all the time has gotten pretty boring if you ask me. And we all know how much I love a good statement sleeve!

Mini Skirts - Let me clarify that I don't mean skirts that are just barely past my bottom. But I am excited that above-the-knee skirts are coming back around since longer styles are harder for me to style.

Dark Wash Jeans - To be fair, I never actually gave these up. They're a staple for a casual work-at-home style that looks purposeful. I used my favorite non-distressed dark-wash boyfriend straight jeans for my try-on pictures.

Platforms - I'm mostly talking about wedges, although you'll be seeing that across the board. I think platform flip flops should stay in the 90s.

On another note, I read somewhere that graphic tees and distressed denim are going out of style. I'm not so sure I believe that. I read somewhere else that jeans with that well-worn vintage look will be popular this year, but without the rips and tears I've finally just started to embrace.

Oh well, trends are ever changing, and I'll just continue to wear what I like. Speaking of what I like, let's take a look at some spring pieces I've recently added to my closet from Old Navy and Amazon.


Top Row (left to right)

1. Floral Maxi Dress - You got to see this already in my last Real Outfit Roundup, but I wanted to include it here because it is one of the dresses I ordered for Spring. It's very thin but not see-through and comes in 28 colors/patterns. I'm wearing a medium but could have sized down to a small. The chest area is really long.

2. Pink Jacket - This particular outfit actually got its own post last week. The jacket is one of my favorite things right now, even though our current temps are too warm to wear it (yesterday we almost hit 90!). It's super soft and snuggly. It comes in several other colors. I'm wearing medium.

3. Tiger Graphic Tee - I bought this t-shirt specifically to create this particular outfit, but I'll definitely find other ways to wear it. It says Long Live Rock N Roll. Wearing medium.

4. Floral Mini Skirt - This is the skirt I now own in at least five patterns. It's unlined with a stretchy waistband with a tie that's mostly for looks. It's got a couple of subtle ruffled tiers. I'm wearing a medium.

5. Gingham Dress - I am a sucker for blue gingham, so I honestly could not pass this dress up. I got it on a small sale but was prepared to pay full price. It's not lined but it's not a thin material. It has pockets and a cute bow on the back. It's seersucker material so it's a little bit tighter, but I still got my usual size small.

6. Color Block Dress - First, let's start with the fact that I did not pay $100 for this dress. I must have gotten it on a daily deal or something. Anyway, it's super cute and gives me all the Easter vibes. It has a zipper back, and other than a small area on the back of the top is not stretchy. I got the medium and it fits like a small.

7. Dark Floral Dress - I love this style of dress and am excited that Old Navy hasn't done away with it yet. It has a defined waist, tiered bottom, and the neckline is so flattering. I'm in the small.

Bottom Row (left to right)

1. Red Blouse - This seersucker babydoll blouse is so much fun I ordered it in two colors without realizing it! I love the puffed sleeves. It's a bit oversized and the neck is stretchy so it could potentially be worn off shoulder. I got a small.

2. White Blouse - I actually wore this yesterday but didn't take a picture. I love this simple blouse. It has a bit of an oversized fit, as well. It's not super thin but in the right light you can kind of see through it, but not enough that I minded. Wearing a small.

3. Blue Embroidered Blouse - This is the shirt I was the most skeptical about because it's got a lot going on, but I wore it earlier this week (again, I didn't take a picture) and loved it. I ordered this as a semi-replacement for the gorgeous blue blouse I got last year that my cat ruined. Wearing size small.

4. Purple Blouse - This is the blouse I told you about in my last outfit roundup but didn't have a picture of. It has a beautiful swiss dot print and fun lantern sleeves. While it is meant to be worn off the shoulder, it can easily be worn on as well.

5. Pink Blouse - Yep, this is the pink version of the red blouse. I truly didn't realize I had added two of the same style to my cart. I just loved the bright of the pink and don't have anything like it. Again, size small.

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