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Puppy Parenting 101

3:15:00 PM

Being a puppy parent is a constant adventure.

One night last week we went to dinner. My husband left a roll of paper towels sitting too close to the edge of the counter. When we got home about an hour later, this is what we found...
You know how you hear people say having a puppy is like having a toddler? They're not lying.

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  1. I have the ideal solution, Ashton. Don't go out to dinner. :)

    My dog Toto loved chewing gum. If we made the mistake of throwing gum away in a trash receptacle within her reach she would overturn it and sift through the contents to get at the gum so that she could chew it. Sometimes we returned home to find a scene similar to this one.

  2. Or you could take Jackson to dinner with you! haha :)