20 Things to Do with Your Kids this Summer

by - May 18, 2018

Summer is just two weeks away. Have you thought about how you'll be spending those long days with your kids? Of course there are lots of summer camps out there, but those only last a week or two, and this late in the game many have already filled up. Whether you're a working mama looking for weekend activities or a stay-at-home mom looking for things to do that won't drain your pocketbook, this post is for you! And for all my Wiregrass readers, you'll find links to some of my favorite summer programs embedded throughout.

1. Do a park and/or playground crawl. That's where you visit a new park or playground every week. You can include old favorites like the Rotary Miracle Playground and the Children's Jungle Garden at DABG.

2. Fly a kite.

3. Join a summer reading program. In addition to offering prizes for getting your kids to read more, your local library will also have corresponding programs all summer long.

4. Go for a bike ride. Explore your neighborhood (ours has a lake and playground) or a local trail.

5. Have a picnic. I recommend Landmark Park and Kolomoki Mounds. Both offer a unique glimpse into the history of the Wiregrass, have playgrounds, and Landmark Park has on old-fashioned drug store complete with working soda and ice cream counter.

6. Make a fort out of boxes or blankets. Perfect for rainy days.

7. Camp out in the backyard. You can keep it simple or go for the full experience with s'mores and grilled hot dogs or hamburgers.

8. Paint pet rocks.

9. Have a mini golf night. We like Adventureland, but there's also glow-in-the-dark putt-putt and this new place in Enterprise.

10. Visit a local museum.

11. Get crafty. Our local art museum has a family day the first Saturday of every month. Our library also does story and craft time every week. You can also check out the kids workshops/classes offered by Michaels and Home Depot.

12. Go bowling. Many bowling allies offer a free kids summer bowling program. Find out if yours do here.

13. Get out in nature. We'll definitely be taking advantage of the Nature Tales and Animal Adventures programs at Landmark Park.

14. Visit a farmers market or you-pick farm.

15. Go fishing.

16. Visit a water park/splash pad.

17. Have a movie marathon complete with popcorn and your favorite snacks. If you've got a projector and white sheet, you can have an outdoor movie night.

18. Support your local military base. They've got tons of things the public can do like swimming, horseback riding, movies, and bowling, not to mention events that are open to everyone in the community.

19. Bust a move! Have an indoor/outdoor dance party. Or learn some new moves. The Cultural Arts Center offers weekly ballroom dance classes and line dancing.

20. Do a little science. Here are 50 experiments you can do at home, or you can leave it to the professionals like the Wacky Wednesdays program at Landmark Park .

For more ideas of things you can do with your kids this summer, check out this list and this list.

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