10 Fun & Easy Summer Activities for Kids

by - June 08, 2021


Does the thought of keeping everyone entertained this summer stress you out? Check out these simple ideas to add some fun to your family's summer.

Summer break is finally here! Things are looking a lot closer to normal this year with camps back in session and in-person programming returning to local libraries. I think I speak for all moms (and dads) everywhere when I say how excited I am to be able to get my kid out of the house some this summer.

As pretty much everyone learned last year, the summer months are not easy for work-at-home parents. It takes a lot of planning and scheduling to have productive days, and after three years of working around a young child during the summer months, I have a few suggestions for mostly hassle-free activities that will keep them from being bored without disrupting your entire work week.

10 Fun & Easy Summer Activities for Kids

Check out the different parks and playgrounds around your city/town. Choose a day each week to visit one you've never been to. Not only is this a great way to explore your community, but it also gets you out of the house for an hour or two.

Sign up for your library's Summer Reading Program. If there's an adult option, even better!

Get Wet
Visit a water park, pool, or splash pad. Even if you only do this once, it'll be something your kids remember all summer.

Create Your Own Backyard Water Fun
If you don't have a community pool or splash pad and don't live near a water park, no worries. You can easily create some watery fun in your own backyard. We are loving this splash pad, but you can't go wrong with a sprinkler or water guns/balloons.

Get Active
Whether you play a round of mini golf, spend a few hours jumping at a trampoline park, visit a skating rink or skateboard park, or even go bowling, find something interactive that the entire family can participate in.

Movie Night
This one's pretty self-explanatory, I think. Order a pizza, grab your favorite snacks, and pile up in front of the tv for a family movie night.

Get Crafty
You don't have to be a crafty mom to get in on the artsy side of summer. Stock up on sidewalk chalk, crayons and markers, washable paint, and play-doh, then let your kids' imaginations take over.

Make a Pillow/Blanket/Box Fort
This is one of Alexis's favorite things to do, and it keeps her occupied for hours.

Eat Fresh
Take advantage of farmers market and you-pick farm season and stock up on your favorite fruits and veggies straight from the source!

Get Outside
I try to spend at least 30 minutes outside every day, even if it's just sitting on the back porch reading a book. Turn your lunch into a picnic, go fly a kite, take a bike ride through your neighborhood, check out a local hiking trail, or go pick some flowers. Trust me. A little fresh air and sunshine will do everyone wonders.

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