LiLo Double Take

by - August 24, 2011

 As much as I hate to bring more attention to Lindsay Lohan, I can't help but to express my opinion over this latest bit of gossip about the misguided actress/singer.

She's suing rapper Pitbull for using her name in his chart-topping song 'Give Me Everything'. The lyric in question? I got it locked up like Lindsay Lohan.

The reason for the suit is the biggest load of crap I've read recently. LiLo is concerned that the reference to her time behind bars will cause, and I quote, "irreparable harm" to her reputation.

Excuse me Lindsay, but all the craziness surrounding your life lately, including the jail time, has done more than enough damage to your reputation. Do you honestly think anyone takes you seriously anymore?

But here's the sad thing. Lindsay actually has a case. Under New York civil rights laws, she and everyone else is protected from having her name exploited for commercial benefit.

Sorry, Pitbull.

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  1. The caption of that picture should read Freaky Friday Redux. Call me a conspiracy theorist, Ashton, but it wouldn't surprise me one bit to learn that the whole thing was orchestrated to gain publicity for both celebrities. People have short memories. They love to forgive bad boys and bad girls, help them to revive their careers, and then bash them down all over again. It makes fans feel powerful to do that. Bad publicity can boost a celeb's bankability as much as good publicity and both are infinitely better than no publicity.

  2. Great post! I had no idea about the latest on LL! I am cracking up...irreparable harm!!! I think they could have picked a better reason like...I'd like everyone to eventually FORGET that I am a loser so ONE DAY I might be taken seriously again...LOL

  3. @Shady: You're right. It probably was all a set-up publicity stunt, but it still is definitely bizarre. As soon as everyone thinks Lindsay is out of the spotlight something like this happens.

    @Shia: I know right! I saw this story on CNN while I was looking for stuff to fill my 10:00 show with and while we don't usually run stories on celebs, I knew I HAD to blog it.

  4. Haha oy. Well, either way, it's a great song.