Chaos in the Control Room: Day 5

by - May 22, 2012

This week we're using the 6:00 as our practice field, which means we've moved into my domain as the 6:00 is one of my shows.

The schedule for the mock 6:00 is a little hectic. Basically I'm producing the show twice - once for the actual airing and then again for the practice round - all before actual show time. (And yes, I still produced the 10:00)

Things came together quite nicely. For the first time, it actually looked like an actual show ... well, except for the video and soundbites. You see, the actual HD video editing process hasn't started yet so we've been seeing the same soundbite and video clips over and over again.

But now the cameras have actually been set up so we had real shots, instead of random shots where you can't even see the talent. I will admit I'm still nervous about the robots 'cause in my opinion you can't replace the intuition of an actual cameraman.

It's all slowly coming together. Hopefully by the time we start doing live playbacks of the 10:00 on our other channel next week, everything will have fallen into place and we'll look like pros.

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  1. I'm glad I was a producer back in the no-tech era. I started in the days when a talking head read from a stack of papers at a desk. That was it. No prompter. No live shots. No FX. No nuthin'. The audience didn't expect all the whistles and bells that they now do (or that the consultant insists you need to keep pace with competing stations). I hope it continues to come together for you, Ashton.

    1. I love having live shots and am even enjoying the graphics and OTS building, but the automation is too much. To me it seems unimportant and leaves way too much room for error. It's like we're making progress in that department just for the sake of progress and there's no real benefit to the station or our viewers.