Behind the Scenes: Election Madness

by - November 04, 2012

We are two days from Election Night 2012.

Two days.

*Deep Breath*

I've been preparing for this election for two weeks, and I still don't feel like I'm ready.

I worked for more than a week on putting the graphics together. Then another 3 days on gathering candidate and amendment info and putting it together.

It's my first major election, although there are very few local and/or state races.

We're also in the middle of sweeps. This week is also the National Peanut Festival.

Whoever decided to name November as a ratings book needs a good kick in the pants.

I may not make it out of this week unscathed.

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  1. I dreaded election coverage, Ashton. I remember working the overnight shift producing the election roundup for the next morning, writing and organizing copy, edited film clips (yeah, film!) and prepping the pretty young morning anchor woman who was fresh out of college and very inexperienced in ALL aspects of news, especially politics. It was stressful and exhausting. Today, 32 years later, that girl is still at the same station and is one of the most trusted and respected anchors in the market.

    1. My first election experience sounds JUST like that! Our nightside anchors could hold their own when it came to elections -- as in they didn't need copy. They could pull the info from the full-screen graphics and keep it rolling. My morning anchor, on the other hand, was in her first job and had absolutely no experience whatsoever. I spent the entire night turning the graphics into copy for the teleprompter --- and it literally took all night.

  2. You made it out alive! This year was my first election night and I was manning the phones in my college's newsroom. What a long but rewarding night! I can't wait to do it again.