Must Be Doing Something Right

by - January 21, 2013

Rarely do I toot my own horn, but in this case I believe it's warranted.

On Friday, we got national ratings back for the month of November, and they look amazing.

Across the board, all of our shows ranked near the top of some 600 stations nationwide.

Our 5:00 show ranked 11th; 6:00 came in at 31; and 10:00 was 29th.

Out of every station in the U.S.


Not only is this amazing, but the list says something about this business. Basically, the list ranks stations based on whether they serve their DMAs. The top 10 stations are all mid-size. In fact, the big boys rank near the bottom -- validating the fact that mid-size stations reach the most people and offer the most rewarding experiences.

Now if only the pay scale were rearranged to reflect that data.

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  1. Save those airchecks and comp reels and save the ratings data, Ashton. They are all proof of performance, not only for your station but for you personally. These materials can and should be used as evidence when asking for a raise where you now work or if you ever decide to jump to a larger market to advance your career.

  2. well this is good news! if only the pay scale reflected it!!!!