by - February 18, 2013

Normally I'm not one for self-promotion, but I'm pretty satisfied with the way this A block turned out. This was one of the shows I produced during the Dale County hostage situation. My goal was to have a double-anchor show with one of them live in the field. So here's a look at what I do. Enjoy!

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  1. Sorry, Ashton. The video won't play for me. It's marked private.

    1. Try now. I inadvertently selected the wrong setting :(

  2. I'm glad you came and got me, Ashton. (LOL) I just watched your A block and it was a grade A block! NICE!!!

    The segment started appropriately with anchor Reginald outlining what happened, voicing over a timeline of events displayed on a full screen slate. Next we saw animation of the underground bunker, then a dissolve to SOT of a neighbor. After that came a nice split screen intro and toss to Tessa for a nighttime live shot from the scene, a deployment decision which had much greater impact than if both anchors were sitting comfortably in the studio. The block continued with an essential sound bite from an official, then a second live shot from the the scene, this one from reporter Deanna, introducing a package containing the all important man-on-the street reax. Seconds later a second live shot with Tessa followed by a live shot in the studio with Muriel doing an informative vo/sot sidebar on autism. The next sidebar focused on the increasingly dangerous job of being a school bus driver and the addressed the important question "How can we keep your child safe?" Reginald tossed for a third time to Tessa live in the field who voiced over graphics of the funeral arrangements for the slain bus driver followed by a tasteful fade to black to end the block. WOW! You and your team covered all the important aspects of a developing/ongoing major story and did it the right way, the hard way - with lots of live reporting from out in the field in the scary darkness close to where the bad guy was hiding. Well done, Ashton! Reminds me of my glory days.