I Won An Award

by - March 18, 2013

The Liebster Blog Award Rules:
1. Share 11 things about yourself

2. Answer the 11 questions given to you

3. Choose 11 fellow blogs to nominate {or how ever many you'd like}. The nominees must have under 200 GFC (google friend connect) followers and tell them in a comment on their blog

4. Think of eleven questions to ask the bloggers you have decided to nominate

5. Thank the person that nominated you and link back to their blog
Things About Myself
1.Sadly, I'm very easily addicted to reality t.v. It's not that I like reality t.v. It just sucks me in. For instance, TBS just aired a reality series about nerds. I was hooked, even though it was really bad.

2. I get road rage. But what do you expect when I live in the land of bad drivers?

3. Yo hablo espanol un poquito. Era mi concentracion secundaria en la universidad.

4. My name is Ashton and I'm a shopaholic.

5. I'm a t.v. news producer. As such I'm a magnet for stupid questions. I bet you thought there was no such thing...

6. Giraffes are my favorite animal, even though they're gay.

7. If I could be in any other profession, I think I'd like to be a professional ballroom dancer. Too bad I was cursed with clumsiness.

8. I believe in soul mates. I'm married to mine.

9. I am not a morning person. I'm also not good at taking naps. They just make me grumpy.

10. I suffer from debilitating migraines. We're talking no light, no sound, no movement.

11. I learn something new every day. It comes with the territory when you work in news. I think that was one of the biggest draws for me.
Questions I Was Given
1. Chunky of creamy peanut butter?
Oh man. Either. Except for Publix Chunky PB. It's too chunky.
2. Name one food you just can't stand.
I keep thinking of foods I dislike, but there really isn't anything I just won't eat. I'm like a disposal.

3. If you could have three wishes, what would you wish for? 
That I could say goodbye to my Papa.
Automated news studios never happened.
World Peace. I'm serious. I get tired of all the negativity in my shows. 

4. What is your usual order at Starbucks (Or similar coffee shop)?
I'm not much of a coffee fan. However, whenever the mood strikes it's going to be something with a lot of caramel.

5. What as the last movie you saw in theaters? 
Warm Bodies. I highly recommend it. Zombie love story? Oh yeah.

6. Would you rather be an Olympic athlete or win American Idol?

7. What book do you think everyone should read, but no way in hell would you share your own copy? 
So many options... I can't decide!

8 Have you ever gone vegetarian or vegan? If so, how long did it or has it lasted? 

9. Skiing or Boarding?
I assume you mean with snow... I live in south Alabama. We don't have that.
10. Who taught you to drive? 
My mom.

11.  Do you have a favorite item of clothing for any reason?
I have lots of favorite pieces. I'm addicted to shopping.

Nominees - About that... I'm so far behind on my blogging, I really can't.

Thanks to McGriddle Pants over at Serenity Now Insanity Later for the award!

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  1. I really wanted to see Warm Bodies, but it was in the theater for about 4 days here. I'll have to NetFlix that shit! :)