Sh*t Crazy Newsroom Callers Say

by - April 19, 2013

Me: "Channel 4 News."
Caller: "Hey listen, don't your directors ever check the 'Right Now' weather graphic? 'Cause the humidity is never right."
Me: "Sir, our meteorologists build their own graphics."
Caller: "Well it's the director's job!"
Me: "No, it isn't. The weather guys do their own graphics."
Caller: "Well your customers are paying for your weather to be right!"
Me: "Sir, what customers are you talking about?"
Caller: "The ones that pay to get your weather!"
Me: "Sir, no one pays for our weather forecasts. You can watch us for free."
Caller: "Well your advertisers pay for your weather to be right."
Me: "Sir, are you an advertiser with us?"
Caller: "You'll just have to find out won't you?"

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