Overheard on the Scanner

by - August 23, 2013

Dispatch: Caller says he broke up with his girlfriend and now she's loading up her car with all of his stuff.

Breakups are hard.

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  1. UGHHHHHHH. WHAT A NIGHTMARE! break ups are the worst.

    a friend of mine was in a long-term relationship (with a total douche). one day they were out on his driveway when he told her he didn't want to marry her and that he had found someone else. she went into a blind rage as he got in his truck to drive away. she grabbed a golf club out of the back of his truck and starting going to town on his truck. WHACK WHACK WHACK. LOL! it makes me laugh -- especially since she is over this dude and it makes for a great story. but when you are in the thick of a break up, it is AWFUL. i hope i don't have to go through another, but you never know. :[

    anyway! hope you have a great weekend!