One Year Later

by - January 30, 2014

The winter storm has been at the front of everyone's mind, but one year ago Wednesday, all eyes were on a little town in southeast Alabama.

A man named Jimmy Lee Dykes got on a Dale County school bus, killed the driver, took a little boy hostage and held him in an underground bunker for seven days. On February 4th, 2013, authorities stormed that bunker. Dykes was killed and the little boy was rescued unharmed.

Here's a brief look at that week. I edited this as part of my station's submission for the TV Station of the Year award for the entire state.

One year later, I'm happy to report that the little boy who was taken hostage is doing well. He's lost weight, and his behavior at school and home has improved. It's also worth mentioning that he was misdiagnosed as being autistic. The boy's brother and guardian says he's only talked about the ordeal a few times.

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  1. It's hard to believe it has been a year since that story broke and you presented your station's aircheck. It's good to know the boy is recovering from his ordeal.

  2. could you even IMAGINE going through something like that?! the horror. that poor kid. so fucked up. but i am glad he is doing pretty well.