Sh*t Crazy Newsroom Callers Say

by - May 07, 2014

Answering the phone at the station is always a gamble. You never know who's going to be on the other end, but sometimes you get lucky and the caller warns you of their impending complaints. I found myself in such a situation one day last week...

Me: Channel 4 News.
Caller: Who do I talk to about a complaint?
Me: Let me transfer you in to my news director.

The conversation that followed was pretty bizarre. This guy had a problem with our weekend meteorologist. Apparently he moves too much while giving his forecast.


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  1. Picky picky picky! When I was an anchorman people used to approach me in public and tell me things they didn't like about my on air colleagues. For example, one lady said "Tell ----- to comb his hair differently. He loops dippy!" Another asked me if ------ owns only one tie. One guy asked me if the pretty new weather girl is married or single. The list goes on.

    1. I always want to ask these people if I showed up at their place of employment or their home and told them how I thought they should dress/talk/move, how they would feel.