On Location

by - July 14, 2014

Every week this July, we're taking my noon show on the road. We've got two shows under our belt. The first was at Fort Rucker for Freedom Fest. The second was in the city of Enterprise. This has been really my first experience with field producing. It's been a blast! My goal going forward is to try to have a live show once a month. (Plus, our production manager really wants to justify buying a trailer...)

Here are a few photos I snapped behind the scenes:

This week we're heading to Ozark. We'll also be making stops in Blakely and Dothan.

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  1. It's an adventure. We did live outdoor shows from the York Interstate Fair every year and they were fun and challenging.

    1. We did the National Peanut Festival live every day for a week last November, but because we made the decision at the last minute, I didn't get to be in the field.

      Putting these shows together has been an absolute blast. So different from the evening shows because we're really just focusing on the *fun* things people in the places we're at care about. It's very customer-centered and rewarding.