Pregnancy So Far

by - November 01, 2014

Three months down. Six more to go. I am officially at the end of my first trimester.

I've been wanting to write this post ever since I made my announcement. Finding the time to write hasn't been that difficult. Finding energy to do anything extra... well, that's another story entirely.

We found out I was pregnant on August 24th, but I wasn't able to get a doctor's appointment until the next week. After that appointment, we told our parents, my three best friends and my boss. We chose to wait until my first ultrasound before telling everyone else.

Being pregnant is exciting. It's also terrifying. The whole giving birth thing kind of freaks me out. And I have no idea if I'm really ready to have a kid.

So far the question I've been asked the most is about morning sickness. Fortunately, I've been mostly free of that. Sure, I've had days where I've felt queasy for most of it, but I've only had a handful of really bad days.

The thing I've struggled with the most is the headaches. I get migraines and can't take my normal medicine anymore, and extra strength Tylenol just doesn't cut it. So every time I get a headache there's the fear it will turn into something else.

My only cravings have been for peperoni pizza, gummi bears and Mt. Dew in a can.

I just had my third doctor's visit last week. At that visit my blood pressure was pretty high. Chalk it up to a stressful week at work. So the doctor put me on what she called a baby dose of blood pressure medicine. I just started taking it today so my body hasn't adjusted to it quite yet. I have another appointment in two weeks to follow up on that.

The weirdest thing for me has been feeling my body change. I've only gained about 5 pounds, but because I'm short and don't have much of a torso, I already have a bump.

My next ultrasound is in four weeks on my birthday. That's the day we'll hopefully learn if we're having a boy or girl. Happy birthday to me.

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  1. Yes, happy birthday to you, Ashton, if you don't happen to post again before then. I'm happy get this update on your pregnancy and very excited for you. I look forward to finding out if it's a boy or a girl and the name you have chosen. Please take good care of yourself, dear friend!