Weekend Wrap

by - February 28, 2016

Hello, readers! I hope everyone is having a lovely weekend so far. Last week seemed to last forever! Seriously, Wednesday and Thursday both felt like Fridays for me. Speaking of Friday - the baby spent the night with her paternal grandparents so mommy and daddy actually got to sleep in on Saturday.

Here's a look at things I shared this past week. Hope you enjoy them!

If Disney princesses #wokeuplikethis - An artist drew what the different Disney princesses would look like when they first wake up. Ariel is my favorite.

Things Ted Cruz looks like - The folks over at BuzzFeed rounded up all the things people have been comparing Ted Cruz to this campaign season.

2016 Presidential Candidates as Harry Potter characters - One word: Trumpridge.

Reading to Dogs - An animal shelter in Michigan brings in kids to read to shy, unsociable dogs. By the time they get through one children's book, the dogs have made considerable progress.

Impossible Dogs - I've been following Incidental Comics for several years now. He's so creative. Check him out!

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