Weekend Wrap

by - March 19, 2016

I hope everyone's weekend is off to a good start. Maybe your brackets aren't too badly busted! March Madness made for a nice end to my week. Because of the basketball games, we didn't have a noon or 6:00 show on Thursday or Friday, making the 5:00 a breeze to produce because it was full of reporter content. On the home front, we've been battling a stubborn stomach bug that just doesn't want to go away. There are a lot of events scheduled for this weekend -- festival season is starting -- so we've got plenty of options for entertainment. I wasn't too active online this week outside of Tuesday night when I joined in the Shadowhunters chat on Twitter, but here are the things I did like and share!

Guess which dog has never seen the ocean. Three seconds of joy.

Random celebs spotted at the airport - The one about the Duggars made me genuinely LOL

New X-Men: Apocalypse trailer

Another Indiana Jones film is in the works, and yes, Harrison Ford is involved.

A photographer gave his grandfather a makeover and the results are so dapper.

A bomb squad created beeping Easter eggs for hearing-impaired kids.

My thoughts about this election cycle.

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  1. Hi, Ashton!

    I always dreaded producing a newscast that followed a live sporting event because of the possibility, make that the probability, of a run-over. One of my worst producing experiences took place when a game ran over nearly 15 minutes into my allotted newscast time. If the game had run a minute or two longer, the network would have extended post-game coverage, filled to the half hour when network's nightly news began, and my cast would have been preempted entirely. As it turned out I needed to play the accordion, severely cut the cast, and had to do it quickly on the fly. There was no one else in the control room to help me do the math, no computer to instantly adjust the running time of blocks and decide what to cut. We had a mandatory live shot interview with actresses Sally Struthers and Rita Moreno from a theater venue where they were starring as The Female Odd Couple. That needed to be cut very short. It was a nightmare. It fried my brain! :)

    Enjoy your weekend, dear friend Ashton!