Newsroom Fashion: White Denim + Personal Progress

by - July 15, 2016

My obsession with button-front everything continues. When I came across this skirt in Target last weekend, I was prepared to leave it on the rack, expecting it to cost upwards of $30. Boy was I glad I checked the tag 'cause this white denim perfection was only $20! And it is perfect. It's super soft and has just the right amount of stretch. I did size up a full size for a little more wiggle room, but I do that for most bottoms at Target.

Shirt: old Lauren Conrad (same shirt different pattern)
Skirt: Target (on sale!)
Shoes: Target

And now for the personal progress part of this post. I haven't been able to wear this dress for the past year-and-a-half, so when it actually zipped up easily on Wednesday, I had a little personal victory. I've been struggling with my body image since having the baby, and having to remove several of my favorite clothing items (mostly pants/skirts) from my closet because they will never fit me again hasn't been easy. In fact, one of the reasons I decided to do this weekly fashion post was as a constant reminder to myself that although my body is different now that I'm a mom, it's still beautiful. Believe me when I say it takes courage to post pictures of yourself when you feel insecure about parts of your body. I'm still 10-20 pounds from where I'd like to be ideally, but I'm a long way from what I weighed at the heaviest point of my pregnancy, and that my friends is nothing to frown at.

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