Newsroom Fashion: Classic Combo + Storm Chasing

by - September 02, 2016

There's something about a striped tee that is so classic. I've gone through a couple different striped shirts in the past few years but none have ever really been what I was looking for until this one from Old Navy came into my life earlier this summer. It's perfectly slouchy; works well with skirts or pants; and is so soft. I love the way this outfit turned out, especially with the lace-up flats.

Shirt: Old Navy
Skirt: old The Limited
Shoes: Target

This was my "Tropical Storm/Hurricane Hermine" coverage outfit. It stayed pretty overcast all day so it didn't get as hot as it has been. September is the unofficial end of summer ... unless you live in the South. Down here we'll stay warm through October, which makes dressing a little tricky. You want to look seasonally appropriate but not die of heat stroke. This outfit is borderline and might not work on a warmer day, but it will definitely be on repeat when Fall finally gets here.

Shirt: ShoeDazzle
Jeans: Old Navy
Boots: ShoeDazzle
Bag: Target

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  1. Hi, Ashton!

    Your little girl is adorable! :)

    Our granddaughter lives in Tally and attends FSU. Overnight the eye of the hurricane pushed ashore near her. We are far to the south and yet it is dark and windy here with frequent bands of rain. I haven't seen the sun in days!

    Have a safe and happy weekend, dear friend Ashton!

    1. We ended up not getting much at all, just the very eastern fringe of our viewing area, but it was a nice test run for when/if we do get a big storm (it's been at least 7 years so we're due). Hope the sun comes back out for you soon and that your granddaughter didn't get too much damage!