Tonsillectomy Update

by - October 29, 2016

This has been the longest two weeks ever. I never thought I would say that about any time off, but it's true. The past 12 days has dragged by so slowly; it's been hard to keep track of what day it actually is! I'm actually looking forward to going back to work on Wednesday, if for no other reason than to get back into a routine. I'll be going back just in time for the National Peanut Festival and election day, which ought to be interesting on pain pills. Ha!

So here's what I've been doing in my down time, other than popping pills every 4-6 hours, napping and watching bad TV...

1. Keeping on top of my work email. I know it sounds boring, but I get hundreds of emails a day during the week. And because this was an unplanned multi-week leave, I didn't have time to plan accordingly for one of the most time-consuming parts of my routine -- interview scheduling.

2. Pinterest. It's by far my favorite social site to scroll through. My favorite things to pin - outfit inspiration, recipes, and motivational quotes.

3. Online shopping. I do a majority of my personal shopping online because most of our local stores don't have a petite section. Plus, I like to find unique pieces that just don't make it into places down here. So far I've ordered a pair of jeans, new shirt, and two pair of boots (one to replace my everyday brown boots & one just for fun).

4. Blogging. Not writing new ones because I haven't been in the right frame of mind for that, but catching up on all the posts I've missed lately.

Other than that, I've drank more blue Gatorade in the past two weeks than my entire life. I haven't had a soda since before the surgery. Unless something is really salty or sweet, I probably won't taste it. Talking is still difficult but not impossible. And I still can't sleep laying all the way down. Oh yeah, I think I might have developed thrush but it's nothing serious.

Some things you can look forward to next week include a Monday Motivation post and a recap of our Halloween activities.

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  1. Hi, Ashton!

    I was wondering how your recovery is going. Thanks for the update. You are such a doer, such a workaholic and high achiever, that being laid up at home is quite a jarring change for you. I'm sorry you are still in discomfort. I believe you will get back in the swing of things in a hurry on Wednesday and being back at work will enable you to put this unpleasantness behind you.

    I hope your daughter enjoys Halloween. Take care, Ashton. I'm thinking about you!