Alexis Turns 2

by - April 11, 2017

My baby is officially a toddler. We celebrated Alexis' second birthday over the weekend with two different sets of family. Needless to say Monday morning's alarm clock went off way too early for this tired mama!

So what's new with my mini-me since my last update? Alexis is very independent. Her favorite color is yellow, but she knows all the basics (red, blue, green, white, black, purple, orange and pink). She loves to read and do puzzles and put stickers on her knees. We've added a few more body parts to her vocabulary - neck, chin, and elbows. She likes to help me do my makeup and hair, and as you can tell from the above picture, she likes to paint her nails. But don't let these girly habits fool you; Alexis is a total yard baby and would spend all day every day outside if she could. She loves animals and babies and is usually very social. We're also potty training now (lord, help me keep my sanity), and thanks to some twist in fate she'll now eat a little meat.

We started this weekend's celebrations with my husband's family.

I wasn't fast enough to catch her blowing out the candle!

Playing kickball in the yard.

Then we had a get-together on Sunday with my family.

We made flower pretzels and butterfly goodie bags.
Birds nest rice krispies
I had lots of help making the flowers.
My first-ever creative cake.
 There was bouncing...


And bubbles

And of course eating.

We are so blessed to have so much family that loves us and especially this little ray of sunshine. Thank you to everyone who helped make Alexis' birthday so special.

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  1. Hi, Ashton!

    Happy birthday to Alexis! She is a sweet and adorable girl and you must be very proud of her. Her eyes are filled with wonder (and mine are misty with emotion) as the looks at her pretty cake. My favorite pictures are the ones of her playing with the bubble wand. She is indeed a blessed child to have loving people on both sides of the family to support and encourage her.

    Bless her heart. I know this will be a year filled with discovery and learning and I hope you will keep us posted about her progress.