Monthly Reading Inventory: April (Toddler Style)

by - May 12, 2017

Wow, this is really late, but seeing as how I didn't actually finish a book in April I guess it's not that big of a deal. But since I am still reading the same book from last month, I decided I would a toddler edition of the monthly reading inventory and talk about some of our favorite books to read with Alexis.

 This was the first Sandra Boynton book we got, and it's one of Alexis' favorites to read. It's a fun counting, rhyming story that's easy to memorize. We have several other Boynton books, including the "Going to Bed Book," "Barnyard Dance," and "Snuggle Puppy."

This is my favorite book, and the first one I memorized. It's full of bright colors and lots of animals, and the rhyming makes it fun to read.

I don't even think you can find this book anymore, but it's one of Alexis's (and daddy's) favorites. We stomp and road and quack our way through this one.

These are just a handful of the books you'll find on our overstuffed bookshelf. What do your kids like to read?

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