Here's Looking at You, 2018

by - January 13, 2018

As has been the case for the last few years, the end of the year was rough for me, for a number of reasons both personal and work-related. Outside of that, though, 2017 was a good year. Topping my list for highlights include buying a house, sticking to my resolution of reading more, and changing my outlook when it comes to how I see my body (something I'm still working on daily). But enough about last year. Let's talk about the goals I hope to smash in 2018.

1. Exercise More
I've written a few times about loving my body again. A big part of that is revamping my wardrobe so that it better fits my post-baby body. Another part of that is getting back into shape...without joining a gym. One thing I hate is hearing someone say that anybody can make time to go to the gym. Those people obviously don't work a full-time job, have a small child, and have a husband who works shift work. So my next "big" purchase will be an elliptical to put upstairs in our office/playroom.

2. Cook Dinner at Home 2-3 Times a Week
We eat out or order in a lot. And it has nothing to do with disliking to cook. It's just convenient. After working all day and not seeing Alexis, cooking is just one more thing taking away from our time together. But now that she's older, she likes to help me in the kitchen, so cooking has become a joint activity.

3. Be More Present
I'll be the first to admit - my phone is a distraction. Part of it is that my work email is on my home screen so every time I do anything, I see the little number of unread messages...and I get a lot. I can't stand seeing it, to be honest, so checking it is almost compulsive. Not to mention all the push notifications I get from Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Snapchat. I can't not clear them out. Seeing them all up in my notifications bar drives me nuts. The solution to this is simple, though. Leave my phone in the bedroom or in my bag. That way I'm truly participating in life instead of it happening around me. And if I miss a photo opportunity, so what? Just because it's not on social media doesn't mean it didn't happen.

What are your goals for this year?

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  1. Hi, Ashton!

    I enjoyed reading your goals for 2018, dear friend, and I hope you reach them. Installing fitness equipment in the home is an excellent solution for busy people who can't find time to go to the gym. Having your little girl help you in the kitchen saves time and money, can improve your diet, serves as a mother - daughter bonding experience and teaches her cooking skills. Time spent monitoring, updating and communicating on social media sucks valuable "living" time. Let common sense be your guide.

    Effective immediately I am taking a blog break because Mrs. Shady and I are moving to a new residence. I will return to blogging with a new post five or six weeks from now. Take care and I'll see you then, dear friend Ashton!