20 Last-Minute Gift Ideas for Women

by - December 19, 2019

There's less than a week until Christmas, and if you're like me, you haven't finished your shopping! Maybe you live in a place that doesn't have a lot of unique in-store shopping opportunities, or you've got someone who's ridiculously hard to shop for, or you're just a natural-born last-minute shopper (guilty 🙋). So I've rounded up 20 last-minute ideas for women that you should be able to get delivered before the big day. In the effort of full disclosure, I would be glad to find any of these under my tree 😉

1. Rose Quartz Facial Roller - Nobody likes dark under-eye circles. Or wrinkles. This nifty little beauty gadget targets both. And with the vibrating feature, it'll be like a facial massage each time you use it.

2. Hair Dryer & Volumizer Hot Air Brush - I have a cheap version of this, not that I use it often (hello, curls). This one has crazy good reviews and usually retails for $50 or more.

3. White Noise Machine/Night Light - We have a clock with a built-in sound machine that I love. This little gem can be set for noise only, sound only, or both. It has 31 sounds to choose from and eight night light colors, plus can be set on a timer.

4. Laptop Desk - Raise your hand if you sometimes work on your laptop in bed or on the couch 🙋. This laptop desk is perfect! The tray is adjustable, has built-in vents to keep your computer from overheating, and has a cup holder.

5. Rechargeable Neck Book Light - I'm not going to lie. The one thing I've always hated about book lights is having to clip them onto the book. This one solves that problem and you won't have to constantly replace the batteries.

6. Massage Roller Glove - I might be a little obsessed with self-serve massage products. Typically, though, they work best when someone else uses them on you. But with this massage roller glove, I might finally be able to attach that persistent knot in my right shoulder!

7. Ecoffee Cup - I already bought one of these for myself but wouldn't say no to another. Mostly because Alexis wants it. Anyway, this is on Oprah's list this year so I had to try it. It comes in four sizes and seven colors.

8. Makeup Brushes - You literally cannot go wrong with this gift. They're the perfect stocking stuffer.

9. Slipper Socks - How many slipper socks are too many? The limit doesn't exist. I love these faux fur leopard print ones.

10. Wallet on a String - Sometimes, you just don't have time to deal with a big purse, but who says a wallet on a string has to be boring? This particular one comes in gold sparkle too!

11. Tea Towel & Recipe Cards - Make this gift even better by filling out the recipe cards with the receiver's favorite recipes of yours.

12. PJs - I put this on my last-minute list every year, but you seriously can't go wrong with pajamas.

13. Travel Grooming Kit - These things are so handy. You can keep them in your purse, your desk, diaper bag, or throw them in your suitcase.

14. Pictionary Air - Game night, anyone?

15. Karaoke Microphone - Talk about a fun, unexpected gift. And the best part? There's no bulky machine keeping you in one place.

16. Wireless Bluetooth Speaker - Listen to your music anywhere! I like this one because it lights up and comes in a bunch of colors.

17. Pretty Bowls - One thing you can never have too many of, in my opinion, is pretty bowls.

18. Instant Camera - This typically makes my list, too, but it's such a fun way to capture special moments throughout the year.

19. Breakfast Sandwich Maker - I love the idea of this so much. Of course, I would probably only use it on the weekends because school mornings are crazy.

20. Fleece Throw Blanket - It doesn't matter how many blankets a girl has, she will never be upset about getting another one. Seriously. We have entire closets devoted to blankets.

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