What's New on My TBR List

by - July 14, 2022

I was looking back through my TBR posts and realized I haven't done an updated list for you guys since April! The summer book lists I published in May and June don't count as true TBRs.

We all know I haven't stopped adding titles to my Kindle library, although I do have to say that it's been a little bit slower the last few months just because of current life circumstances. Anyway, I've got 15 new samples and full downloads that I'm excited to read...at some point in my life. Three are books I'm researching for my seventh grade students, one is a Peter Pan retelling, and a few are historical fiction. I make no promises on how long it'll take me to get to them.

Academy Obscura by Cassia Briar - After a life in foster care, Caprice has found her birth family and learns that magic exists. After breaking one of the rules, she's forced to enroll at Academy Obscura where the penalty for messing up is death.

The Brighter the Light by Mary Ellen Taylor - Ivy Neale returns to her hometown when she inherits her grandmother's beachfront cottage. A winter gale uncovers the shipwreck of local legend, and Ivy finds more skeletons in the closet than just her own.

The Wednesday Wars by Gary D. Schmidt - This is one I'm researching for my classroom. Holling Hoodhood is a seventh grader who's certain his new teacher hates him. His father, meanwhile, is obsessed with his business image and disregards his family. All the while, the Vietnam War is turning lives upside down, and Holling is learning Shakespeare and his teacher have more to offer him than he imagined, discovering his loyalty to his sister and his ability to stand up to his father when it matters most.

Unplugged by Gordon Korman - Jett's father is the world's most famous tech billionaire. He's used to getting what he wants, so when his father's private jet drops him in the middle of the Arkansas wilderness at a place called the Oasis, Jett can't believe it. Worse - he has to turn in his cell phone. As the weeks go on, Jett adapts to his tech-free life and bonds with the other kids, but he can't help but notice that the adults at the Oasis are acting really strange.

Wishtree by Katherine Applegate - Red is not just an old oak tree but the neighborhood "wishtree." People write their wishes on pieces of cloth and tie them to the tree's branches. Red and a crow named Bongo watch over the neighborhood. When a new family moves in, not everyone is welcoming, and Red's experience as a wishtree becomes more important than ever.

Last Summer Boys by Bill Rivers - It's the summer of 1968, and Jack Elliott has a plan to keep his oldest brother, Pete, from being drafted. He figures if famous boys don't get sent to war, he'll make Pete their town's biggest celebrity. Together with his cousin, Frankie, Jack convinces his brothers to lead an expedition to find a fighter jet that crashes years ago. It's the perfect adventure to make Pete a hero, but turns out Pete isn't the only one who needs saving.

Set (Gods of the Duat) by Alessa Thorn - This is set in the same world as the Court of the Underworld series, so I'm excited to read it. Set was the Egyptian god of protection and war, but it's been centuries since the god inside of him has awoken. That all changes when he's asked to protect his boss's secret daughter, Dr. Ayla Neilos.

The Passage by Irina Shapiro - In 1685, Lord Hugo Everly vanished without a trace just before the Monmouth Rebellion. In 2013, Neve Ashley stumbles onto a secret passage in Everly Manor. That passage leads her into the 17th century and the path of Lord Everly. Neve returns safely to her time but decides to go back to warn Lord Everly of impending danger, walking into danger herself.

Flirt by Adriana Locke - Brooke doesn't want to be in a relationship. She just wants someone who can act as her date when needed. That's where Moss comes in, but the couple's history with each other could prove tricky for this situation-ship.

The Never King by Nikki St. Crowe - For 200 years, all of the Darling women have disappeared on their 18th birthday. The amount of time they're gone varies, but they all return broken. It's no different for Winnie, except this time the Never King and the Lost Boys aren't willing to let her go.

Tortured Heart by Anne Hall - Willow was stolen from her home as a child and has spent her life in a prison of sorts. Until one day when her jailers are forced to send her to high school where she meets five people who actually treat her with kindness. Just when she thinks life is getting better, new information comes to life and her entire life is turned upside down.

Sixth of a Soul by Viyana Morrigan - Amethyst somehow travels back in time and lands right in the middle of two kingdoms whose rulers are at odds with each other. The only thing that they seem to have in common...is her.

The Night Tiger by Yangsze Choo - Ji Lin is an apprentice dressmaker who moonlights as a dancehall girl to pay off her mother's Mahjong debts. When one of her dance partners accidentally leaves behind a gruesome souvenir, she may get the adventure she's hoped for. Meanwhile, 11-year-old Ren is on a mission to find his master's lost finger so it can be buried with his body. Ji Lin and Ren's paths crisscross, as the district is plagued by unexplained deaths and rumors of men who turn into tigers.
The High Mountain Court by AK Mulford

Wild Knight by Annabel Chase - London is a knight in the city formerly known as London, but she's got a dangerous secret. When one of the royal vampires who rule over everyone orders her on a quest, she can't refuse, but the truth might kill her.

Crown of Secrets by Melanie Cellier - The first royal born without power, Verene is sent to the Academy in Kallorway. Her goal is to forge ties with her country's traditional enemies, including Prince Darius, the strongest mage in his family. Except the prince has no interest in connecting with Verene. And there are some at the Academy that want her gone by any means necessary. If Verene wants to survive, she must uncover her hidden powers.

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