Monday Motivation

by - August 22, 2022

Typically, I write this post at the start of the day as a way to kick off the work week with some positive words, but that obviously did not happen this morning. Any other day, I would have just said 'oh well' and not done one for this week, but it has absolutely been a Monday. You know what I mean. A Monday that does everything in its power to start the week off on the wrong foot.

Surprisingly, I had picked this motivation before my Monday went off the rails. It's uncanny how spot-on this particular bit of wisdom turned out to be.

First, Alexis had a bit of an unexpected meltdown at school drop-off. There's really nothing quite like sending your upset child into school and leaving for work to set the tone for your day. And it was quite a day. I'm not sure what had gotten into the students, but whew! I think we were all glad for dismissal to come.

However, I learned while working at the TV station to not let other people's actions define whether I have a good day. All I can control is my own reaction, and I've gotten pretty good at adjusting my sails to accommodate the winds of the season over the years. So while this Monday was not what I would call a good day, it wasn't what I would call a bad one either.

On the bright side, after feeling under the weather for the past few days, I finally feel like I'm on the other side of this late-summer cold I've been suffering. I was pretty miserable on Thursday and Friday and spent most of the weekend resting. My husband has also been fighting similar symptoms, but thankfully Alexis hasn't had any issues.

Things with school and teaching are going nicely. We're getting into the meat of the novel we're reading this semester, and we're starting to get more serious about grammar. Soon, we'll introduce writing into the mix so we can start focusing on those skills. ELA covers a lot of ground, to be sure, so I've no doubt we'll stay busy all year.

I'm still getting into the swing of this schedule. I am most definitely not a morning person by nature, and my night owl tendencies have not been easy to break. So regular posting is still a goal I'm working toward for the blog. I hope to have mastered my sleep schedule within the next month. I know that sounds like a long time, but this is a really big change for me, y'all!

Anyway, that's gonna do it for me. I hope everyone had a good Monday and an even better rest of the week!

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