What I Read October 2022

by - November 06, 2022

I read a lot more in October than I thought I would have had time for, especially if you take into account the two series I reread (I reread them this time of year almost every year). I read two standalone books, continued a series I'm kind of obsessed with, and discovered a new author and world that I'm loving. I also read part of a series that has tons of good reviews and recommendations before giving up on it (they're included in the roundup) and started and stopped the final book of a series I started in September (I just couldn't get into it for some reason).

Let's get to it.

Author: Amanda McClure

I absolutely love the Shadows and Shade series. It's got all the elements from some of my other favorite series so beautifully combined to create something new. I wish all the books were out so I could binge-read them, but there are still a few left to be written. Chaos (Seth) is probably my favorite brother, so I was really looking forward to this installment, and it did not disappoint. The story just keeps getting more detailed, and I can't wait to see where it all ends up.

The Desert of Glass (Monument book 2)
Author: Michael C. Grumley

I read The Last Monument a year or two ago and really enjoyed it, so when I saw there was a sequel, I didn't hesitate to download it. In this one, Angela and Joe team up to continue the work of their late friend, enlisting one of his former colleagues to investigate a real phenomenon known as the Desert of Glass. In their search, they uncover a nefarious plot by one of the world's most mysterious billionaires.

Author: Maggie M. Lily

This six book series is just the beginning of this world of magic, romance, and a family that sets the ultimate example of what family should be. The Trellis family is full of what are known as empowered people, with literally all of the siblings having some type of power ranging from love to fear, rage to joy, and even the elements. They don't realize they're all special, though, until they're pulled into the politics of the world of the empowered. Ultimately, they must face one of the strongest empowered leaders from the past who has come back to try to take over the world. Along the way, they make allies within other supernatural communities including beast affinities (shifters) and siphons (vampires).

Author: Ivy Asher

Auset is what's known as a blade slave. She's spent her entire life, or what she can remember of it anyway, training to become an assassin whose skills will be bought by the highest bidder or else be lost to a worse fate. When the time for the Bidding arrives, Auset catches the notice of the notorious Order of Scorpions, a trio of brothers-by-choice who have been secretly funding the organization responsible for Auset's training. 


Abandoned Girl and Broken Girl (Neighpalm Industries Collective series)
Author: Lexie Winston

I am truly disappointed in this series. It has such good reviews and is recommended a lot in my book groups. The premise is that an adopted girl is reunited with her biological father and grandparents, who want to bring her into their world and businesses. The problem lies in the small army of children her father has adopted. They're afraid that his biological daughter is there to take everything away from them and will do anything to chase her away. Sounds good, right? Well, this book is full of entirely too much inner dialogue that doesn't really say anything or advance the story, very little action, and for something to be rated as being super spicy, there was literally no spice. Read at your own risk.

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