What I Read February 2024

by - March 13, 2024

February was not a big month of reading for me. I am and have been in the thick of this final project for my teacher certification program (TAPP), and it is not something that I can just give 25 percent of my attention. It's all or nothing if I want to pass, and I really want to pass. I feel like I'm using TAPP as the reason for all my shortcomings here on the blog lately, but the truth is the truth. Until I 'graduate,' all extras are essentially on the back burner...but the end is in sight, people!

Anyway, on to the reading! Six books are on the completion list for February, but although this list is short, it makes up for it in quality, I promise.

Fly with the Arrow, Dance with the Sword, Give Your Heart to the Barrow, and Die with Your Lord (Bluebeard’s Secret series)
Author: Sarah Wilson

Let's start with Sarah Wilson's Bluebeard's Secret series. All I have to say is, "O.M.G." This series blew me away. I was already impressed just by reading the blurb for the first book, Fly with the Arrow. That's why I made it my One Woman Book Club pick for February, after all. Boy, did it not disappoint!

Bluebeard, or the Arrow, has been stealing brides from the mortal realm for centuries. He needs their magic to compete in the Fae games that determine not only the fate of the Wittenhame but also the fate of the mortal lands. Izolda is his sixteenth wife, and she changes everything.

I loved this series so much. It has many elements of the tale of Bluebeard the pirate, but it's not simply a retelling or even a reimagining. This is an epic love story that is not predictable in the least. The world building is amazing, the character development is on point, and my favorite character might just be a severed head.

The Magic of Discovery (Emerald Lakes series)
Author: Britt Andrews

I can't remember for sure, but I think I've tried this series before and put it down. I did at least make it through book one this time, but despite all the rave reviews this series has, I found it to be just okay and am not in any hurry to read book two.

Saige is a green witch who runs a magic shop in Emerald Lakes (hence the series name). Her life looks fairly normal from the outside, if you can ignore the fact that her abusive ex-boyfriend keeps hanging around and you don't look too closely at the group of mages who just started renting the apartment above her shop.

I thought this had potential, but I didn't connect all that well to the characters and don't particularly care for some of the tropes that are involved. But nearly 10,000 other reviewers saw something in this series, so don't just take my word for it.

Author: Emily Henry

I read this at the end of the month, and I'm kind of sad I waited so long. This was a Christmas gift from my mom, and I agree with the review on the cover: this is a rom-com lover's dream of a book.

Nora Stephens' entire life has been centered around taking care of her younger sister, Libby. A successful literary agent, Nora is a classic workaholic who has perfected the art of a checklist. She uses them for everything, especially her dating life. A trip to the middle-of-nowhere North Carolina is not in her plans. Neither is Charlie, the editor she definitely did not hit it off with the first time they met and who she definitely isn't attracted to.

This book really is the epitome of a rom-com. I laughed out loud multiple times. I loved the banter - between Nora and Libby and especially between Nora and Charlie. But like all good rom-coms, it's not just about the laughs. There's a serious side to this story that resonates in a very meaningful way.

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