10 Father's Day Gift Ideas Under $50

by - June 03, 2024

Father's Day Gift Guide

I feel like I'm beating a dead horse here when I say that dads are the hardest people on the planet to shop for. It doesn't matter if you're shopping for your own father, your father-in-law, of the father of your own children. For some reason, dads just don't tell us what they want! In the case of the dads in my life, they just buy what they need or want whenever it comes up.

This, dead old dads, is why you keep getting 'world's best dad' mugs and ugly ties.

Father's Day is two weeks away, and I bet you have no idea what to buy. Never fear! Just like I've done for the past several years, I've rounded up some gift ideas to get you started. I've got ten for you that are all under $50.

father's day gift ideas

1. Trashcan Basketball - I don't care how old they are: all guys play trashcan basketball. So why not make it official? This would make a fun addition to their office or mancave or even the bathroom.

2. Mosquito Executioner - This fun gadget has a long, complicated name that I did not feel like typing in its entirety, so I shortened it. In short, this is a tennis racket that kills bugs. This gift is perfect for literally anyone. It makes a great camping companion or backyard sidekick.

3. Mini Drone - I took my husband's cue on this one. I don't know why he wants or needs a drone, but he is fascinated by them. This smaller version is a good way to ease into the hobby without breaking the bank.

4. Advice Book - This is not just any advice book. This is a playbook for dad filled with words of wisdom from some of the greatest coaches of all time.

5. Interactive Reading Mug - This is my favorite idea on this entire list. If your dad likes to read and drinks coffee (or tea), you should consider this. The mug has a QR code that you scan for a daily dose of literature. So cool.

6. National Park Guide - This is the perfect gift for the dad who's already traveling or who wants to travel.

7. Bad Joke Book - One year for Christmas, we got my husband a dad joke book, and he loved it. He still pulls it out every now and then for a laugh.

8. Toilet Timer - Speaking of jokes...this is purely a gag gift, but every time I see it, it makes me laugh.

9. Back Scratcher - Not gonna lie. I kinda want one of these for myself, but I know my husband would use it, as well. It's got an extendable handle and a few attachments to help you get the perfect scratch for your hard-to-reach itches.

10. Magnetic Pickup Tool - This would make a pretty cool addition to your dad's toolbox. Not only will it make gathering up loose screws or nails a breeze, it's also an led flashlight.

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