Espionage in the U.S.

by - October 20, 2009

The man once credited for discovering water on the South Pole of the moon is now going down in history as a man apparently willing to sell out his country.

52-year-old former government scientist, Dr. Stewart Nozette, was arrested yesterday (Monday, Oct. 19) just outside of our nation's capitol. He is accused of trying to sell top secret national defense, satellite and military information, including the U.S.'s early warning capabilities during a large-scale attack, to who he thought was an Israeli intelligence official. The charging documents say he met with this person twice.

Federal investigators say Nozette delivered the top secret information on two instances and accepted two payments at a secret post office box. Those payments amounted to about $11,000. It turns out he was selling the information to an undercover FBI agent, and officials believe he would be willing to sell more information if presented with the opportunity.

Supposedly Nozette said he liked being a spy. He's due in federal court later today.

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