Texting While Driving Bans

by - October 22, 2009

I bet you didn't know that this week is "Distraction-Free Driving Week". AAA Alabama has joined with the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety, asking drivers to pay attention to the road and keep both hands on the wheel.

But that's not the end of AAA's quest to combat distracted driving. The company is launching a campaign to ban texting while driving in all 50 states. They are going to lobby to pass laws in states that lack them and to improve existing laws in those states that do have the bans. Their goal is for the nation-wide bans to be in effect by 2013.

A spokesperson for AAA Alabama says, "The new technologies that help us multi-task in our everyday lives...[are] a hard-to-resist challenge to the typically safe driver." He goes on to say that the bans would stop the dangerous practice from spreading.

Right now, 18 states and the District of Columbia have laws addressing texing while driving. Two more states prohibit teenage and other new drivers from texting while driving.

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