Goonies Never Say Die

by - June 09, 2010

Do you guys remember watching The Goonies? You know, the Steven Spielberg cult classic from the 80s. It's seriously one of my not-so-guilty pleasures as far as a movie goes. It's incredibly corny, but what movie from the 80s wasn't? I remember one time my old roomie and I sat up until 4:00 a.m. watching this 80s movie called Valley Girl with a very young, not hot Nick Cage and it was quite possibly the corniest movie I've ever seen, but that's besides the point.
How could you not love the Goonies? I mean, they "never say die." They have the camaraderie we all crave and they get to find a pirate ship full of treasure while taking down the bad guys!
In the end, we all wanted our own Sloth.
Hey, you guys!

And we all envied Chunk's truffle shuffle.
And you can't tell me that you didn't secretly want to be like Data and have a boxing glove explode out of your jacket!
Anyway, the point is that the cast -the ones who're still alive- reunited recently to celebrate the fact that the movie is being released on Blue Ray in November. And in the process they unveiled a lost scene! Want to see it? I know you do.

Here's the article where you can read all about their reunion: The Goonies cast reunites

And in the meantime,
Never Say Die!

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